Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tutu Divine

It was raining, so I wore a tutu. This skirt is tutu small for me (HA! I couldn't resist), as it's two sizes below my real size. As a result, it sits right on my high waist comfortably. I kinda like it. I wear it more now than I did when it actually 'fit' me!
Flower headband: Forever 21
Boatneck tee: Gap Body
Lace cami: Shade Clothing
Tutu-like skirt: Gap Outlet
Tights: We Love Colors
Oxfords: BC Footwear
We Love Colors, an online hosiery company, generously sent me a few things to try out and review. I want to wait a week or so before I write an official review as to give you, my beloved readers, an honest and thorough evaluation. So far, I can tell you this: these are the most comfortable tights I own. Keep checking back for a real review next week.

D, Ro, and I are off to the Goodwill for some shopping! My parents are watching Roey for a bit later this evening so that Darin and I can run some errands, including purchasing metal bowls for our Etsy shop. I hope some salted caramel hot chocolate is on the agenda as well!


  1. Do you set up a tripod or does D do all the photos?

  2. You know what? I really like the way the tutu sits on your high waist!
    You're hair looks real pretty, especially with that flower in it

  3. Thank you Kassandra!

    @priest's wife-- Salted caramel cocoa at Starbucks is phenomenal. Try it!

    Darin takes all my photos, the nice guy he is!

  4. I found your blog the other day, and have been having so much fun looking around! But I had to comment when I saw today's post. The first line is just too perfect: "It was raining, so I wore a tutu." Because...of course! If it's raining, wear a tutu! Love it!

  5. Adorable tights! We love colors seems to be sponsoring every blog on earth! It's using the Mod Cloth strategy. But that is such a pretty purple color. Love it!

  6. @Chaucee- Yes, "We Love Colors" does sponsor quite a few blogs. It seems to be a successful marketing strategy! (I'm glad you like the purple-- I was really hankering after red, but this pulls me a little out of my comfort zone.)

  7. Dear, I've commented on the outfit on your Chictopia but I just have to leave a comment on your lovely blog. Adorable outfit and I love the last picture.. a great skirt makes a great twirl :)

  8. The shoes you weaar are always special.I think I'm jealous of your shoes collection.On the whole I like your style.So adventurous.I have no words for the tights.

  9. I love your tutu and the color of your tights!:)
    What a cute Outfit. You're looking beautiful.
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  10. haha your tutu small joke made me laugh out loud. Those tights are a really pretty color though & i do love your skirt!


  11. I want a tutu too!!! Hehe ;)

    I'm glad you got it in a smaller size. I think it flatters your body beautifully!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  12. I'm looking for a tutu, so pretty!

  13. Those tights are such a pretty color! I think I need to invest in some fall colored tight soon.

    The whole look is great!

  14. loving you :)
    is this your garden?

    x jenna


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