Sunday, June 24, 2012

.June Gloom

  Jacket, shorts, necklace: Gap
Tank: Hurley
Wedges: BC Footwear
Even though it's raining in these pictures and I am listening to thunder outside, I am so happy to be HOME this June.  Last year at this time I was miserable, pregnant, (not miserable because I was pregnant, mind you) exhausted, in Ohio, and an overall vomitous mass.  I'm an Oregon girl though and through, and I haven't complained about the rain since I returned from the sticky Midwest last year. 

My floral shorts and fondant-ish wedges go quite well together, and I really love my coral makeup with the shades of green.  I'll have an "About Face" post up soon so you can get a closer look.  Well, I am off to prepare for the crazy week I have ahead of me.  I feel more accomplished than usual today.  I have a stewy stew stewing in the slow-cooker for my newly postpartum sister, a Swiss chard strata setting in the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast, a talk prepared for the upcoming cardboard box retreat, Vacation Bible School music almost perfected, and a sleeping baby boy right beside me.  (That last one is my greatest accomplishment, let me tell you!  Sheesh.)

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