Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spotlight: Mac Russian Red Lipstick

Drumroll, please... say "hello" to the only Mac lipstick I own!

This is not purposeful, although I am sometimes put off by the cultish following of Mac Cosmetics.  But this, my friend, is a good lipstick.  Not too blue, not too orange.  JUST RED.  Anyone can wear this.  The matte formulation can be a little drying, but the problem can be diminished if you apply a good balm underneath.  (I suggest Smith's Rosebud Balm.)  I wore this makeup while taking my youth group Christmas-caroling.  Seventh-graders listen better if you wear red lipstick.
I took these pictures whilst trimming my bangs.  Always logical, I am.  

Color: Matte rich red.  
Price: $15.00 
Packaging: Sturdy, sleek, black bullet-shaped container.
Scent:  Some say Mac lipsticks smell like vanilla, but mine has no scent.
Of note:  Don't be like me; use a lipliner.  Also, here are other pictures and reviews.
Where to buyMac Cosmetics
Would I repurchase? Honestly, probably not.  I love experimenting with different brands too much.  

Any Mac lipsticks you love?  Please share!

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