Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blushing Balmshell

About a year ago, I feel madly in love with blush.  I used to collect shoes, but then lipsticks took over. I don't quite know how it happened, but the magical, transformative nature of THE BLUSH abruptly commandeered my heart.  I now have a stupid drawer full of the addicting stuff.  My face isn't complete without it.  This Instain blush from TheBalm is a newly-acquired friend.  I own one color, and what a color!  "Lace" is like a hot pink punch of flowers to the face.  It is a truly unique color and soft-not-powdery formula.  It is one of my longest-wearing blushes!
Because of its pigmented superpowers, I use a Real Techniques Stippling Brush and gently dot and swirl up the side of my face to my temples.  
TheBalm Instain blushes retail for $22.00 for 6.5 grams of product.  (I scored mine for a mere $11.00 on Hautelook.) As usual with TheBalm, no talc is involved and no animals were tested.

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