Friday, August 20, 2010

Today is my Birthday (Na na na na na na)

Okay, actually tomorrow is, but Darin gave me my present early, as he is off for a work retreat this weekend. I'll forgive him--- I am now a proud owner of a Nikon d3000! He said it was worth the money to not hear me complain about our old point-and-shoots. Yay Darin! Here are some first shots.

Front yard roses:

Pay no attention to that chipped nail polish!
Favorite green flats (BC Footwear, $15)

Lovely Rowena

I love the "child function" on the camera!
It softens the face and brightens the clothing colors.

It was kismet that I wore this ring today:

Darin is such an exhibitionist:

The gorgeous view from our front yard:

Obligatory blurry bathroom shot:

Has anyone seen the Joss Whedon series "Firefly"?
I think that's how I will ring out my 27th year of life, with some Oregon chai by my side.
Happy weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Tibidgin of Mount Angel

Disclaimer: if a word is not showing up, just highlight it. I will get Darin to fix that as soon as he comes home from Craigslisting! Thanks!

Ahem... I have so much to say about the new town I have inhabited for the past six weeks. I have virtually nothing negative to say about it. Most people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, everything is walking distance, beauty and history abound.

Here's some more information from the town's painful website:

"Mt. Angel is located 18 miles northeast of Salem on Highway 214. Founded in the late 1800s by German settlers, this town has an Old World flavor which is heightened by the many Bavarian style storefronts and the beautiful Benedictine Abbey. They celebrate their German heritage each year during the Oktoberfest, held in September.

Mt. Angel Abbey, set high above Mt. Angel on a 300 foot bluff is a century old Benedictine monastic community built in 1883 by Swiss Benedictine monks. Views from the bluff include Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, as well as the lush Willamette Valley farmland. The beautiful library, designed by Alvar Aalto, stores a priceless collection of illuminated manuscripts, and features a display of rare, hand printed books."

Also, Mt. Angel is home to Oktoberfest, held this year from Sep. 16-19! I am beyond excited. I am envisioning waking up each morning and picking up a cinnamon roll for breakfast, tending to a slightly inebriated husband, free pony rides for Rowena and friends, and hosting a slew of friends and family for four days. I am pretty sure it will be a blur. The town is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming Oktoberfest!

My friend Natalie's visit a couple years ago. See the monk! EXCITING!

The view from Mt. Angel Abbey on a cloudy day

Looking from the Abbey hill's east side

The Abbey has a fantastic museum that Rowena and I enjoy visiting.
Here's one of the many taxidermied delights:

Mt. Angel's Glockenspiel chimes four times a day. AWESOME.
We see it perform so much that I have it memorized.
Photo via JamesJM

One of my favorite things are the town's public restrooms.
"Herren und Damen"

It's bloody hot here today, but an outfit post is coming anyway. Because I love you guys.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Total Annihiliation

I started my day out with this--

And my day suddenly came together. (Sugar-free Annihilator, please!)

I also wore my favorite shorts.

Old lady, floral, boyfriend fit, green.... a few of my favorite things.

Shorts: Gap, $15
Shoes: NaNa (old

Sorry that so many of my pics are pixelated--- the problem will be fixed soon!
This blog is a work in progress... it can only get better from here!

I'm off to crack open some Lloyd Alexander.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

River Dance

I wore my bathing suit all day. As in breakfast, lunch, through dinner. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would wear my suit to bed in anticipation of tomorrow's sprinkler.

A few times a week, Darin, Roey, and I head to the Santiam River. The water is always clean and crystal clear... and the perfect temperature for a dip. Rowena stays close to shore in a little rock pool with Darin or I while the other takes the tube to brave the rapids. Here's Darin in action, yelping in happiness:

Bathing suit - Target, seen here
Lipstick - Revlon Cherries in the Snow
Nail Polish - Sally Hansen in Cherry Red
Sandals - Vintage, $5
Rowena's suit - Target, $10
Rowena's shoes - Saltwater Sandals, $4 thrifted

Unfortunately, my sandals broke while navigating the waters today. I can glue 'em back together tonight.

Here is my sunburn after I accidentally fell asleep in my Mom's backyard. Whoops!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Saunter

Yes, 'saunter'. I don't merely 'walk'.

I had a meeting this morning with the choir director to discuss my new role as 'alto' in the church choir. (I've only sung soprano before, so this will be a fun challenge for me.) It is a wonderful thing to wake up at nine, wash face, brush teeth, swipe on makeup, put together a cute outfit, walk to my destination (wearing unsuitable yet awesome 4-inch heels), and be 2 minutes early for my meeting at 9:30. Did I mention it is lovely this morning? All drizzly and chilled... just perfect.

Later, the fam and I walked to the local public school for some federally funded free lunch followed by some parktime. We do this almost every day. It's fun to eat from a cafeteria tray again without middle-school drama!

Still Life with Chicken Nuggets

Scarf - Gap, $10
Cami - Shade Clothing, $10
Cardigan - Gap, $7
Destructed Straight Jeans - Gap, $11
Platform Sandals - Farylrobin Omari

I love everything about these shoes. SO comfortable and gorgeous!

Have a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

National Night Out

In the name of supporting our neighborhood police and local anti-crime programs, Mt. Angel had a big potluck downtown. What other place invites the entire city to get together and eat delicious free food? I just love it here. Darin and I made some new friends and Rowena inadvertently stole a balloon. The hot dogs were the best I have eaten all summer. Probably because they were barbecued on a Traeger grill!

Boater hat - F21, $12
Dress - Tulle, $8
T-straps - Oneof2, $40

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