Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Saunter

Yes, 'saunter'. I don't merely 'walk'.

I had a meeting this morning with the choir director to discuss my new role as 'alto' in the church choir. (I've only sung soprano before, so this will be a fun challenge for me.) It is a wonderful thing to wake up at nine, wash face, brush teeth, swipe on makeup, put together a cute outfit, walk to my destination (wearing unsuitable yet awesome 4-inch heels), and be 2 minutes early for my meeting at 9:30. Did I mention it is lovely this morning? All drizzly and chilled... just perfect.

Later, the fam and I walked to the local public school for some federally funded free lunch followed by some parktime. We do this almost every day. It's fun to eat from a cafeteria tray again without middle-school drama!

Still Life with Chicken Nuggets

Scarf - Gap, $10
Cami - Shade Clothing, $10
Cardigan - Gap, $7
Destructed Straight Jeans - Gap, $11
Platform Sandals - Farylrobin Omari

I love everything about these shoes. SO comfortable and gorgeous!

Have a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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