Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway

I am excited to host Coffee and a Cardigan's first giveaway! Sean from CSN contacted me to host and he has been so helpful and informative. I know this is primarily a fashion blog, but we fashion-lovers have to cook and sleep and work out, don't we? You can use this $35 gift certificate at any of CSN's 200 stores! (There's a SHOE store, too.) Here are my favorite picks:

I have always wanted a daybed with drawers to stuff my treasures! There are tons of bed sets to choose from. (I found a lot of decor inspiration looking through the pictures.)I don't own a microwave anymore, so this adorable Le Creuset apple ramekin would be perfect to reheat my leftovers.I've been drooling over these Bass saddle shoes for months now. If these aren't your cup of chai, there are hundreds of others!To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment to let me know what you would spend your $35 gift certificate on. I would also appreciate it if you would follow me on Bloglovin' or Blogger if you like what you see here. I will pick a number from the trusty old random number generator on Thursday, October 7th! Please make sure that I have access to your email address so I can contact the winner.

* This giveaway is open to US residents and Canadian readers. The certificate cannot be used toward shipping, but most of the items I looked at came with free shipping regardless.



  1. Sign me up! Brown leather boots!

  2. I would totally be tempted to get these!!


    I think I need more metallic shoes in my life!
    Although I kind of like this cute diaper bag too.


    You have a give away which makes a real blogger!!! SO cooool!!!

  3. Ooh...well, since we are in tight quarters we always need more storage. So I would be tempted to buy this (http://www.allpotracks.com/Kinetic-29140-KTC1047.html) pot rack, or maybe this (http://www.allkitchencarts.com/Wildon-Home-2506-CST3923.html) microwave cart for the kitchen.

    But if Gui was being reeeeeeally nice to his mother, maybe I'd spend the prize on this (http://www.lockersupply.com/KidKraft-14323-KK1076.html) kid locker so that he can have a special place for all his special things.

    And I follow you on Google Reader!

  4. Oh how fun!
    My roommate and I are saving our pennies for a economy size vacuum!!! Gross right?! We really need one stat!!

    Your block rocks my world!


  5. Oh my goodness! I would buy a pair of black leather flat boots for this lovely fall! Or maybe some galoshes....(finally!) Ps. I don't know how I wasn't following you before, but I've rectified that situation.=)

  6. Shoes glorious SHOES!!! One can never have enough....

  7. ooh I love Le Creuset but it's too pricey for me! I would love that apple ramekin <3

  8. I would buy a mirror to put in my living room. Our living room doesn't have any windows in it and it's tiny. A mirror would add some dimension to the room!

  9. these saddle shoes are killing me!


  10. Oh I would put it towards this LOVELY espresso pot:


  11. I have been wanting something fancy and awesome to put on Charlie's bed, so here it is! I enjoy reading your blog tons (when I have the time!)


    -Anna C.

  12. Hey,
    It's me....Shona :O) I don't have an account I am dying for a pair of burgandy (I call it cordovan) Bass Penny loafers.....just like I wore in high school. I know......dorky, but that is what I would get.

  13. I would put it toward a new Calphalon pan!

  14. I lust after Le Creuset kitchen goodies. How delightful!

  15. awesome giveaway! so much to choose from.


  16. well, i'm trying to beef up my shoe offerings so i'd probably go there. though I'm such a sucker for le creuset that little apple guy might have to go home with me. :)

  17. I'd buy a vegans best friend... a food processor! I can't decide between a big one or a simple small one.

    PS Project Runway's got nuthin on your blog ;) Love ya Louise!

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