Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Shoes

My thoughtful parents gave me a gift card to buy some new footwear for my birthday last month. These are what I picked out:

They are a little trendy with the wooden heel clog thing going on, but I'm going to argue that these are timeless. They look like they are from the sixties, but the metallic color give them an automatic update. I'll be wearing these for a while! You'll see these again paired with some black tights when the weather gets a little cooler.

On an unrelated note, Oktoberfest is less than a week away! The town is simply buzzing with excitement. Deutsch flags, an abundance of flowers, beer advertisements, and booths are set up! Mount Angel is anxiously waiting for the thousands to pillage and plunder our town (while helping the local economy)! Okay, I am excited, but my sleep schedule is wary of the nighttime drunken noise bound to occur. Fingers crossed!


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