Friday, September 17, 2010

Coming Soon to a Shower Curtain Near You

Puffing out my cheeks gets rid of the bags beneath my weary eyes.
There's a fixer for everything!

I'll have pictures taken and my outfit posted as soon as Darin gets back from Oktoberfesting. Don't be surprised if the pictures turn out a little blurrier than usual!

Happy Friday

EDIT: Pictures were taken and they turned out horribly because of the rainy weather...
Fingers crossed for beautiful weather tomorrow!


  1. Your blog is great! I cant believe Ive never seen it before..glad I found it today :) Love your puffed cheeks...I do this look alot. (shh)

    Hope you have a great weekend lady. x

  2. I love the photo! really funny ;)
    adorable blog!

  3. Baggy eyes all over the place in blog land lately... haha, I've seen posts about it everywhere!

    and Yay for being Weezy's!!!!


  4. Funny pic! I love your blog name, so cute:) Am now following x


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