Monday, September 13, 2010

Burgers & Soda

Gold headband: Gap, $1
Dress: Tulle, $24
Belt: American Eagle (I bought it in college)
Nude pumps: Seychelles Boogie Down, $16

I've been wearing a lot of the same brands lately-- Tomorrow is a new day with old and thrifted clothes!


  1. I love the dress! Ever considered trying it with boots?

  2. What kind of boots would you choose? I have some motorcycle Fryes, some knee high light brown suede boots, and short red boots. I don't know how I would transition this particular dress into fall and winter. But Katherine, you are a sartorial genius.

  3. i just found your blog & i love it.
    i have your dress in the skirt..i love tulle..i got so many goodies last dec. when they had that huge sale. you look wonderful.

  4. Oh, do you have a link to the skirt? I kinda wish I had snapped it up. Thanks so much for commenting!

  5. I'd have to see them on, but I was picturing something neutral/light and fairly slender, since the pattern on the dress is quite bold and a bit horizontal....perhaps the knee-high suedes?

  6. Now that I am thinkin' about it, the knee high suede boots would be awesome paired with navy tights and a cozy cardigan... I'll try it when the weather cools Down!

  7. I love the print of this dress, you are too adorable! :)


  8. That dress is darling! I love the unique pattern. And of course, nude pumps are always great.

  9. pretty dress.. you look lovely..

    head over to my blog for a chance to win a giveaway...

  10. Hi! I saw you post on Suze blog and I thought I would come check out yours! This dress is absolutely adorable and it looks great on you.

    I love vintage inspired frocks! Is that dark purple in the dress? I can totally picture it with that tone of tights for fall with a cute cardigan!


  11. @Katelyn:
    Thank you so much for visiting me! The dress started out as baby blue and I tried to dye it black! This was the outcome! A purply-gray. I think I will take your advice and try it with purple tights! Good idea!


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