Thursday, September 16, 2010


Fall is officially here! I didn't realize how much I missed tights.

Stripey cardigan: JJ Basics via Nordstrom
Houndstooth Tee: Shade Clothing
Scarf: Gap
Grey pleated skirt: Gap
Tights: Hue
Old as Moses oxfords: Seychelles

Funny thing about this cardigan-- Kristen Bell wore the same one on an episode of Veronica Mars. I have (or had) several items of clothing that she wore on the show, unbeknown to me when I purchased them. Her costumer must have loved those Brass Plum clearance racks. I nerd out every time I see her wear something that I own- I loved that show!

Have an awesome day, everyone!


  1. tights are awsome, they just make you feel better!
    i really like the pop of green here and the high bun is awsome too, love it!

  2. it's odd how you keep buying the same clothes! shows she has good taste really ;)

  3. stripes + houndstooth = love.

    Those front pleats on the skirt are lovely too.

  4. your hair looks really great in this style!

  5. Like the pattern combo- you have inspired me to do a family photo for Christmas- if you can post a daily pic- I can get a family photo taken!!!!


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