Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Fall Into the Gap

I love Gap. I just ended a five year stint at Gap Inc. and I have many fond memories (and clothes) of working there. That said, I make (mostly good-natured) fun of the company a lot. For example, why did they name their gray tights "Oil Spill"? Really, Gap?

What do you think, readers? Just a joke in bad taste or a bizarre coincidence?


  1. That is ridiculous. I am still mad at Gap for vacillating between making awesome pants I love that make my butt look great, to pants that stretch out three hours after putting them on and that make me look like a bag lady. So I'll go with bad taste right now.

  2. LOL - how ironic... I wonder when they created that name

  3. Londyn, the gray tights have never been called "oil spill" before! It's usually something like "lead" or the like. Isn't that weird?


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