Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double-Breasted Blues

Lesson learned: I should have ironed this skirt. It is my favorite, after all.

Hat: Forever 21
Navy T-shirt: Gap
Blazer: Thrifted
Skirt: Gap
Argyle socks: Gap (Remember, I worked there for 5 years!)
Clogs: Miz Mooz 'Howl' (birthday gift from inlaws)

My cold is in full force and it's too humid for a hot toddy. Instead I drank some generic Nyquil last night and went to bed at 8! I'm glad I am getting this cold out of the way so I can enjoy fall when it really comes to Oregon.

Sidenote: I am so happy that it is now 'acceptable' to wear short socks with shoes and sandals! (At least the runways have told us this is okay. I don't think anyone should have to follow fashion 'rules.') Because of my argyle socks (which are my favorite socks), I am concealing an ugly spider bite I received the other day. See, you'll never know.



  1. But now we DO know..... :-)

    Get better soon!

  2. louise, i LOVE the way you dress. inspires me and makes me happy!!

  3. Thanks, Bec! Miss you.
    @Katherine-- my sense of humor is so subtle even I can't comprehend it sometimes.

  4. I like the hat!


  5. oh my goodness..
    i love this outfit..you look so cute.
    (i hate ironing..i never do it. haha)
    i love the shoes with the short socks..i really need to try this trend.

  6. yes, louise! i would love to! my email is arh5248@gmail.com! let's talk :)

    ps love your shoes.

  7. My favorite is your amazing cardigan! Love it!

  8. Do you know what kind of spider it was? That is one thing I don't miss about Oregon, although we didn't seem to have poisonous ones in the Willamette Valley when I was there--the hobo spiders I've heard about moved in after we left!


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