Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Summer Hurrah

This dress does me no favors in the hip area, but I bought the dress for it's pom-poms and shadowy brocade qualities anyway. Do you have any pieces in your closet like that? It's so humid today! I feel like I'm back in Michigan.

Dress: Forever 21
Gladiator Sandals: Frye (thrifted for $4.49, I kid you not)
Glasses: Calvin Klein

I snatched Darin's guitar from him when he wasn't looking-- the man is actually practicing for practice. Talk about dedication.

On Saturday I attended a dear friend's baby shower and Sunday Darin, Rowena and I visited neighbors (now friends) for almost SIX hours. It was awesome and much-needed.



  1. You must have gotten really nice camera angles or something, because I think that dress looks very pretty on you! But, I know how you feel... I have a skirt from Urban Outfitters with tiered detailing on the top of the skirt that I feel makes my hips look massive, but in pictures it looks perfectly fine. Cameras must do wonders!


  2. The dress looks adorable on you :) love the colour!

  3. Awesome find with the Frye sandals!!! And you gotta love the G chord on guitar :) I play, and practically every song I write has G in it!

    Amanda :)


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