Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two for One

Remember when I told you that Darin and I were going thrifting? Well, that didn't exactly happen. We made it to the toy aisle of Goodwill, where Rowena promptly projectile vomited. I ask you this-- when can I go back to that particular Goodwill? What is the proper etiquette? Anyway, poor Rowena has a stomach bug/fever and I am one tired momma.

Now on to fashion! Because you allowed me to tell you a throw-up story, you get two outfits today. Yesterday's outfit, pre-vomit:Cowlneck sweater- Gap
Sweater dress- thrifted
Tights- courtesy of We Love Colors
Boots- Frye, craigslisted for 10 measly dollars

It's not the most flattering style, but I was comfortable and I felt really good in it, and that's what mattered to me yesterday.

Today's outfit, post virtually sleepless night and good morning espresso:
Tie-neck blouse: Tulle Clothing
Marled dress: Gap
Tights: Hue
Boots: Jump
I love these boots, but they are of terrible quality. My other pair of Jump boots fell apart after the second wearing! (The entire heel just fell off.) Luckily I bought both pairs very cheaply. I just love the pieced argyle pattern on the pair above! They look a little futuristic and match with virtually anything. They have an elfin quality to them, don't you think? I hope they don't die yet.

Did I mention my sister had a baby girl this morning?
Welcome to the world, little Esther!

What did you do this weekend? Really, I wanna know.

(Edit- Roey is feeling much better now, thanks for all your concern! But it's still too soon to try that thrift store again, don't you think?)


  1. omg..congrats to your sister. i love the name Esther. (i love your daughters name as well.) i hope she feels better! :(

    i did absolutely nothing this weekend..i lead a boring life. west virginia is lame.

    i love both outfits! i love the 2nd one the best. it just look super cozy and comfy!

  2. love the gap dress!


  3. especially like the second outfit and really like the boots

    yay for babies!

  4. Yikes on the projectile vomiting hope she's feeling better. Those purple tights are awesome. 10$ Frye's wow it doesn't get any better. Cheers.

  5. Poor Rowena (I love her name, by the way :) I hope she's feeling better. I also LOVE your second outfit!

  6. Poor Roey! Hope she's feeling better! and CONGRATULATIONS on being an Auntie! Esther is an awesome name. I love #2 the best....but there's something in me that pulls toward the cowl-neckness of #1 and the purple tights are...simply put....a must-have for me. AH! CONFLICTION!

    I went shopping and relaxed this weekend....despite of, and perhaps because of, Michigan's loss to MSU. Oh, the agony!

    Miss you, Lou!

  7. Ooh, been looking for a pussybow top like that for a while... I like the navy colour of it! It looks good with your dress.

  8. Congrats to you and your sister...what a beautiful name! Hope Rowena is feeling better (I love her name too!) That's just awful:( Both of your outfits are really pretty. I love the purple tights:)

  9. Both outfits are cute but I'm in love with the 2nd one! Those boots are GREAT.

    Congrats Auntie! Esther is such a pretty name. :)

  10. Oh no! That's such a bummer your friend was feeling so bad while you went thrifting. I'm actually amazed you both even went out in a state like that! Hope you both are feeling more rested.

  11. Congrats and being an aunty again! And congrats to your sister!

  12. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours! I just stumbled upon your blog via The Restless Romantic. I loved your guest blog.

    OH, and I am the roommate responsible for @conally7 (musings of hippie girl) finding your blog.

    Keep the great fashion ideas coming! Love it!


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