Sunday, October 3, 2010

Featured Blogger: Anna Rose

Happy Sunday! I recently came across Anna's newborn blog, Anna Rose. I immediately fell in love with her ruffles, red hair, and fantastic taste in shoes. She's also a fellow book-lover. She kindly agreed to an interview, and I am featured on her blog today as well.

1. What made you decide to start a blog?
I've been reading fashion blogs since I was probably 15, which greatly affected my style. And because I live in such a small town, it's hard to find a real sense of style here. I hope that by blogging about what I wear, girls in my situation will see how to utilize the internet to find a style of their own. Blogs can be a really great tool!

2. What are your favorite blogs?
I actually don't have a ton of time for blogging at the moment because I'm a senior in college, but the blogs I do keep track of are keiko lynn, the clothes horse, the red rosette, and lulu letty

3. Who are your fashion inspirations?
Definitely Zooey Deschanel. I think any girl would say that, though. She is so lovable and so accessible. And plus, she is married to my favorite musician. I also admire Carey Mulligan, Alison Sudol, and Lucille Ball.

4. How did you meet your Matthew?
Matthew and I have crossed paths many times (I grew up with his little sister, I went to high school with him and he works a block away from my house), but the way we really met was through our best friends. His best friend and my best friend are dating and have a baby together, so we began our relationship through them.

5. Tell me about your adorable cats!
I'm a crazy cat lady...I'll put that out there before I begin gushing about the kitties. They're my little loves! I think I would be so bored in my house without them. They keep me company and keep me entertained. I recommend a cat to anyone who lives alone!

6. I must say, your legs are amazing. What's your workout routine?
To be honest, I don't really have a solid routine. I sometimes run, sometimes do yoga and/or pilates, but most of the time I ride my bike. Matthew and I ride bikes quite often.

7. How would you describe your style?
Simple and feminine, but with a little bit of edge. I love florals, but I also love leather and the occasional metal stud. I very frequently throw on a floral dress, a pair of tights, and my biker boots. Oh yeah, and lots of lipstick.

8. Favorite music?
Death Cab for Cutie. I can't say how much this band has changed my life (melodramatic, I know). But I have listened to them throughout all stages of my life, so that band means a lot to me. I also like Tegan and Sara, Bloc Party, Band of Horses, the Beatles, Kate Nash, etc.

9. Favorite movies?
I have really uninteresting taste in movies, probably because I don't watch a lot. Movies that never get old for me are Dead Poets Society, the Shawshank Redemption, the Lion King, Grease, and anything with Julia Roberts.

10. Favorite piece of clothing?
I don't think I have one particular piece, but I love all of my cardigans. I probably have almost 30, maybe more. I think they're a great way to add another layer to an outfit without overpowering it. I'm so happy it's back to being cardigan weather!

11. You're an English major. Favorite authors/books?
My favorite authors/poets are Kerouac, Plath, Woolf, Eggers, Cummings, Poe, Neruda, and especially Whitman. Walt Whitman, in my opinion, is the most brilliant poet of all time. Being an English major exposes me to a lot of literature, so these are the writers that I read most outside of the classroom.

12. What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D300. I've had it for almost 3 years. I love it and would recommend Nikon to anyone. Check out some of my photography here.

And that's your introduction to Anna of Anna Rose! Make sure to hop on over there and make her feel welcome.
Thank you for the interview, Anna! You are a truly lovely person.


  1. Hi louise,

    It was really cute to see you and Anna featured on each others blogs! I have two new daily blogs to read. :) have a great Sunday!


  2. oh, i have a question; what do your tattoos say? sorry but i'm a freak and love tattoos. : )

  3. Is it a sin to covet her hair? (a yes- coveting is a sin- oh well- I guess I'll just have to just 'like' her hair)

  4. mkoleary-my tattoos are my parents' signatures. kim and steve :)

    priest's wife-thank you, i'm glad you like it because i rarely do!

  5. Becky, ask Anna at her blog! I have no idea what her tats say-- they are very tasteful and cute though!

    Priest's wife- Her hair is worth coveting. So pretty! I guess with a little red hair dye and a good straightener, you could make it work!

  6. she's so pretty will check out her blog too


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