Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girl Night Out

On Saturday I attended the annual G.K. Chesterton Steak and Wine dinner with my parents. You guys know by now what a dork I am for some G.K, so it's senseless to go on and on about the wonderful time I had! I only wish that Darin could have sat with me, but he was working the dinner. I look forward to the food all year, especially the salad- it has this incredible cilantro & garlic based dressing... amazing.
Dress: Tucker for Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: c/o We Love Colors in Rubine
Shoes: Nine West 'Kimball'
Anyone else despise those loopy hanger ties in your dresses?
Way to ruin a rare decent picture, loopy thing!Aah, that's better.
The actor who plays him on television (John "Chuck" Chalberg) made an appearance! What a resemblance, no? I had to include him in this post because of his marvelous outfit. Whatever happened to man-capes? I mean, seriously. Check out that three-piece tweed suit!


  1. i love the colour of your tights!! and your shoes and dress look so lovely!!

  2. WOW- now WHY does you little corner of the world get to have a GKC dinner and we don't? I guess Oregon is cooler...well, I knew that already

  3. You look very cute, ma'am. Looks like you had a great time. And that man's outfit is totally amazing. :D


  4. wow....that looks like a DELICIOUS fall dinner!!!

    i TOTALLY relate to your hatred of hanger loops, they are so annoying! sometimes i cut them off if they're too bothersome.

    love that navy dress!

  5. i think this is one of my fav looks of yours! i love the back of the dress!


  6. Definitely one of my favorite looks of yours. Those tights are fantastic.

  7. Nice purple tights! But, oh my god, I´m in love with the first picture! It´s amazing! It reminds me my lovely Halloween ♥
    xoxo from Hannie

  8. LOVE your dress and shoes. And I ADORE the color combo you came up with, here. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and that salad dressing sounds soooo goooood!

  9. Sounds fun! I love that dress, it looks great on you! I hate those loopy ties too. I always cut them out right away.

  10. Holy moly! Please provide more background on an annual GK dinner! Is this just a family thing? Or like, an Oregon thing? Sounds really fun. There's this place in town called "The Wellington" that offers steaks and martinis. Sounds so fun, and of course, I'll have to wear a 40's style dress.

    Your outfit is adorable, and no, the loopy thing did not ruin the picture.

    please check out the new post: Paloma Vintage Giveaway!

  11. I have heard of G.K. Chesterton but I'm not that familiar with his works, but how cool that he has a steak and wine dinner in his honor somewhere! Just proves the world is a bigger and more amazing place than I can imagine! :) And that outfit is super cute too! I just love the tights and those shoes rock!! The loopy thing didn't ruin the picture, but they totally frustrate me too and I'm always paranoid about them hanging out too! :)

  12. @Nancy: A local church puts it on every year! Only 120 tickets are available for it. The president of the American Chesterton Society comes and gives an amazing talk after everyone has eaten... and the wine is free-flowing and so good!

    The Wellington sounds amazing!

  13. This is a different look for you, and I think it looks great!

  14. Very pretty, Louise! That panna cotta looks delicious!


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