Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Give it Away

Don't forget to enter the $35 CSN Stores Giveaway! Just leave a comment here and follow my humble blog. Right now there are only fourteen comments, so your chances of winning are pretty darn good. (Has anyone else seen Gentlemen Broncos? "It's not the best yeast, but it's pretty darn good!" HAHAHA! How I adore that flick.

Comments will be closed Thursday night at 11:59 pm.Nightgown as dress: Anthropologie
Sweater tights: Ross
Oxfords: Target


  1. i wish i could participate but we dont have their stores here so good luck to all who participates

  2. Vampire, I know! I so wish that more giveaways could be international. Thanks for bein' so cool about it!

  3. I *love* anthropologie! (although I only have 2 of their housecoats) Show us the full dress!!


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