Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Goodwill!

On a whim, I stopped by the Goodwill on my drive back from food-marketing. It was kismet; take a gander at my (small) haul!

This Dooney & Bourke briefcase ($8!) will serve me well for choir practice.
Vintage Norman Rockwell playing cards:
White 90s T-straps for Rowena
Lulu Letty always has the sweetest vintage leather satchels.
She was my inspiration for this purchase.
What have you thrifted lately?


  1. LOVE that last bag! will stop coveting now...

  2. wow those 2 bags are incredible! i really need a new vintage one, these are perfect.
    ive been thrifting too this weekend and just posted something about it, come check out if you feel like it!
    lovely pictures, love those colours

  3. wow you found some great purchases! love that navy bag!

  4. Impressive haul. I haven't thrifted in a while but you're inspiring me...

  5. Love the briefcase!

  6. can i steal away Dooney & Burke briefcase from you? its so amazing ! something similar like that will cost hundreds in my country :(

    i bought a RM10 dress from Cotton On lately lol , its in the faulty section one side of the strap was torn but my mum already fix that haha i am still happy with the price i paid for it

  7. Your D&B briefcase and Coach bag are two amazing finds!!! I haven't lucked out at the thrift store in awhile.

    Lulu Letty

  8. I love that dooney & burke briefcase! It looks like it would make a great laptop case too.

    and those little t-straps.. darling. I keep trying to get my niece adorable shoes to wear. That little girl loves shoes (I've trained her well!).

    All such great finds!

  9. @ Pixie-- I find the best shoes for my 2-year-old at thrift stores! I mean barely-worn, old cute shoes. Good luck finding some for your cute niece!

    @ Maria- Unfortunately it's not Coach, but it sure looks similar, doesn't it? Up close you can really tell.

  10. so cute the baby shoes !

  11. I'm late to the party but man, that first D&B briefcase is such a find! I found my Mom a D&B purse for $6 at a thrift store once. She hasn't stopped using it since.


  12. I love the bags! Lady Luck smiled upon you...


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