Monday, October 18, 2010


Here are some random photos of my week! You'll see why I love our local grocery store, you'll see Darin and Rowena making biscuits, the view from our dining room table, and some various topless pictures of me.
Sometimes I wear a feather in my hair to feel fancy on those cold Sunday mornings.
Corned beef hash from a can is the best disgusting thing ever.
You can't imagine my excitement when I spotted Laurel & Hardy in my grocery store! They are two of my most favorite people that ever, ever lived. If you are not familiar with them, treat yourself and see comedy at it finest. I could start crying I love them so much.

Oh, and no inappropriate photos... I kinda lied about that one because I wanted you to read my post. Don't reject me!

Have a lovely, fantastic day!

(I really love my outfit today. I'll post it tonight.)


  1. Mmm. I love corn beef hash. Mine comes from a can too.

  2. canned corned beef hash- DELISH! Fry an egg with it...never had real corned beef hash- don't want it...give me the gross stuff any time

  3. organic vegetables are literally the best.

  4. These pictures are so charming. I love the biscuit making, and also that last one. Such a sweetie!

  5. Your daughter is adorable:-) All these photos are so enchanting and beautiful.

  6. When I read topless I assumed you meant you were going to post some hot leg shots. I was excited. Oh well bisquits are yummy.

  7. I feel mildly guilty for reading the post actually, but I was hoping it was just a badly cropped picture! Those are some fun pictures though, and the grocery store looks really cool! :)

  8. I feel tricked and delighted at the same time. If that's your little girl, she is adorable!

  9. Nice Weez. Love, Dad


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