Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoes of the Future!

Cowl scarf: gift from Brooke Ann
Blazer: Thrifted
Grey tee: Gap
Cami: Shade Clothing
Boyfriend jeans: Gap
Wedges: Dolce Vita 'Pela'
Socks: Sock Dreams
I bought these wedges on a whim... they were so outrageously on sale, I could not resist! I am not the biggest fan of silver, but I really think these babies will add some edge to my old-fashioned ways. Sometimes it is good to get out of that comfort zone, don't you agree? I'll probably retire them once it gets rainy, but it was fun to try them with a fall ensemble. Thanks for the inspiration, Sal!

I dressed for comfort today, as we had to move a bunch of furniture at work for an event. I know it's not the most 'flattering' ensemble, but wouldn't that be boring to always look your thinnest? When I got home, I simply swapped my Pumas for the sandals of the future and grabbed my cozy blazer. See? Fashion is easy. And should always be taken seriously.


  1. the shoes are CUTE! ive wanted to try the socks/wedges combo but havent yet. love the way you styled them up! :)

  2. I like the wedges- the only heels I can wear (even so, I go under 2 inches) CUTE!

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  3. Cute. How wonderful this blog feels. Keep it up.
    God Bless, DSM

  4. I always love how you mix your colors...the sandals are way unexpected...and I love that!!!

  5. I love the cowl scarf! It looks great with the textured sweater and is such a neat idea. It looks crocheted...I might just have to make one of my own. :-)

  6. I love the future! There's a funny clip of the Mighty Boosh where they are "retro futuristic." I think that describes me sometimes. I love Dolce Vita. Looks like these shoes will create some fun looks. And by the way, I was admiring your figure until I realized you mentioned "not always looking your thinnest!" Could've fooled me.


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  7. You are so pretty!! Such a great smile. (: I love this outfit. That scarf is just perfect & those shoes are crazy but G R E A T ! Also love the blazer, and those jeans are perfect. I want 'em.

  8. Wow except for the shoes this is like one of my outfits! Only you look way cute! in fact this is one of my favorite shoots because you looks so gleeful in every picture! And i miss you! When can we get together? We have colds right now but maybe next week?

  9. Gosh, thank you for all your sweet comments! You are all wonderful.

  10. OMG ! For sure your shoes are from the futur ! They light up the all outfit, great !

  11. YES! I think J. Crew is selling a similar pair right now and I mustttt have them. I absolutely love that you paired them with cozy socks here. Awesome.

    Your chunky scarf is a winner, too.

  12. Soooo cute!!! I want those shoes...
    I'm wearing one of your dresses today :) I've had so many people tell me they love it!

  13. The shoes are great! At first I thought they were white, not silver. And I really love the flecks of colour in your scarf!

  14. I liked this at Chictopia and now seeing the close-up of the scarf I like it even better!

  15. Awww... you look so cute in my cowl! I really need to get them up on etsy!


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