Monday, October 4, 2010

Springing into Fall

Gosh, what a beautiful day. It's so crisp and green with tinges of orange. If only I had coffee in the house so I could fully enjoy the beauty of today. The situation must be rectified.
Cardigan: Gap
Ruffle top: Gap
Skirt: Zac Posen for Target
Socks: Sock Dreams
Platform sandals: Farylrobin "Omari"
I feel quite springy for this fall day, but it works for me!
I don't subscribe to the belief that Autumn requires neutrals.
After church yesterday, some local ladies kindly barraged me with produce. I will try to make use of it today in the forms of salad and sweet bread. After I get some delicious warm coffee into my system, I will be in full-blown baking mode!



  1. Most adorable outfit I saw today ;)
    I like your blog , really inspiring!

  2. IT'S RAINING TODAY!!!!! I celebrated by buying some Oregon Chai (no Tazo for me- blech) at TJ's

  3. just found your blog and its lovely.

    love the floral skirt and cute socks :)


    now following you

  4. ah, those clogs are absolutely beautiful on you. i especially love the way they look worn with socks! very nice!

  5. lookin beautiful and so happy Louise!!

  6. What a pretty outfit. I love that skirt!

  7. i love love love your style , i actually stumble upon your blog after i saw your comment in our fav blog Lulu Letty ♥ and i am glad i drop by to check yours out because i simply adores it

  8. MMM sweet bread sounds de-lish. Those shoes are gorgeous! I'm really loving this whole outfit.

  9. Adore your side braid. Mine is the same length as yours without the rapunzel! ;)

    Lulu Letty


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