Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warm Legs, Warm Heart

Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Tulle
Bag: Vintage via Brooke Ann
Legwarmers: Forever 21
Shoes: NaNa
Hi neighbor! I hope your Monday went splendidly! I took a nap, so I consider it successful. The above photos were taken seconds after I climbed out of my warm bed, hence the extra frazzled hair and sleepy eyes. (I sheepishly admit that I slept in those clothes.) In honor of Monday, I will share some of my goals for this week:

* Have a date with myself tomorrow morning. Dutch Brothers coffee, Target, and Clinique gift with purchase is in order.

* Improve the blog. I want to include some pages at the top, including an 'About Me' and perhaps a 'Shop my Closet' page. I'm taking suggestions!

* Make a successful schedule with Darin that includes picture-taking, woodworking, computer time, us-time, and Rowena time. And walks! Lotsa walks.

* Go to the pumpkin patch and get the wartiest pumpkin I can find.

* Start my new job. Like it, maybe love it? We'll see; here's to hoping I don't run away sobbing or accidentally harass someone.

* Make my favorite potato leek soup.

Okay, I am going to stop because I have at least ten more. I am actually going to turn off my computer now so I can get some laundry done, followed by a good hour or two of reading.

Love to you,


  1. That nap did you a lot of good, you look cute and happy :)
    Have a great week and I hope everything goes fine and according to your plans!



  2. Beautiful Outfit! That dress is amazing. Oh all the red coloured leaves. Very pretty! xx, Alice :)

  3. I love those knee-high-sock-like-things!!! :D And that dress with belt looks beautiful too!

    Please visit (and follow):


  4. Those socks look neat! Although, I don't think they would look good on me because I have short legs, and they might make mine look even shorter. Love the red accents in these photos!

  5. Thank you so much! It's pretty different from having long hair, but I'm getting used to it now! i think it would look good on you too! :)
    And I like your leg-warmers (I'm a overknee-socks addict!) and the colors in your photos!

    xx Marije

  6. I love your outfit *_*
    and your very beautiful smule :)


  7. Your dress is so supercute!! :)
    these are some good week goals too, I especially wish you luck for the new job!

    Check out my current giveaway if you like! :)

  8. Red and Blue is one of my favorite color combos. Love the legwarmers and the belt at the waist. Sounds like a great plan for the day. Do you actually get the stuff you plan done? I'm impressed. Me, I'm good at making detailed lists, not so good on follow up.

  9. I love that dress!! It took me a second look to realize those were legwarmers and not leggings, that's awesome! What a fun combination! Super cute outfit! Good luck with your goals and good luck with the first day of your new job! :)

  10. I want to see the warty pumpkin!

  11. You look adorable- what a cute dress! I think an 'About Me' page would be awesome! 'Shop My Closet' pages are also great. Good luck w/the new job! :D

  12. oh, i love blue and red color combo and this outfit is so cute put together. i hope your weekly goal is going well :)

  13. I vote YES for an About Me page, I added one yesterday. I feel quite special to be featured as the source of your cute bag.

  14. Cute get up. I like printed dresses too. The background looks lovely :) The red leaves <3



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