Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Cat Friday

In celebration of not working retail for the first time in years, I stayed in bed far too long and am now settling down in front of the computer for some blog reading and Fred Astaire mooning.  I am also wearing my only souvenir from Seaside... a cat hat!  It is incredibly warm and cozy... As soon as I saw it while perusing the hat shop, I knew I had to have it.  My beloved white-whiskered black cat Lulabelle was hit by a car a few years ago after sixteen years of life.  My eyes still well up when I think about her.  Kinda strange that I bought a hat resembling her to wear on my head.  Creepy, in fact.  I think Lulabelle would appreciate the humor of it!
I need to work out and shower before I get dressed, so keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post.



  1. oh- Girl #2 would Lovvvvvvvve that hat- happy not buying anything day- we are making cookies from your recipe, though- adding dried cranberries

  2. these are such cute photos! I love black and white :) congrats on not workign retail! haha


  3. I LOVE the cat hat! I'm looking for a cute knit hat with ears too but can't find a good one.
    I'm sorry about your cat, this happened to my cat when I was younger too. Losing a pet is losing a good friend :-/

  4. I thought was Lulubelle


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