Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cozy Workwear

Scarf: Gap
Dress: Gap
Purse: Vintage from Brooke
Navy Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Shoes: Not Rated "Honey Bee"
Record high temps in Oregon make for a beautiful day. Even though it's quite sunny, I insisted upon wearing my favorite blanket scarf. It's insanely soft and cozy; if you invest in one scarf this season, I highly recommend this one. My version is from last year, and I love it so much that bought a pink/brown one as well. This was a perfect outfit for a casual workday.

You must check out Suze wearing my favorite gold sweater today! She is rocking it out, once again, in my clothing. I don't know how to feel about this. I might have to fly out to Michigan and do something about it. Vague threats ahoy, indeed.


  1. You look so cozy and lovely! And those shoes! *sigh* The perfect heel + an adorable print + a big red button = shoe heaven. (That's some sound math right there!)

  2. Those shoes rock, especially with the bright tights!

  3. CUTE! I have to say, I was quote disappointed at these summer-like temps. Keep the fall weather going, so I can bring out my scarves!

  4. I love your grey and navy mix, and I love the Honey Bees - I actually have them in green myself, but I hardly ever wear them. Need to change that!

    (and suze looks fab in your sweater, you'd might have to go to Michigan just to get it back!)

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. hahaha! vague threats ahoy! hehe. those shoes are darn cute! :)

  6. meee loveeee!!!!!!
    amazing:) xx

  7. Yay! bright tights and brighter shoes! I thought they may have been Camper at first!
    Whoop! for happy dressers!

  8. Love this! I have those shoes. (: We really are so much alike!

  9. I really like how the scarf brings in the shoe colors. I like this sweet look.

  10. oooh such a lovely outfit! so cosy but really cute - and those shoes are amazing! I really love your blog, i'm now following and would love it if you'd take a peek at mine and consider following back :)

  11. I love this outfit! It is very cozy looking. :) And those shoes are so cute!


  12. i love your mix of colors! the scarf match your shoes very well :) your blog is lovely! would you like to follow/bloglove each other?

    love, M

  13. SO cute. I love those floral mary jane flats.

  14. My have me drooling over those shoes. Just gorgeous (as is the whole outfit).


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