Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dutch Treat

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Sweater, skirt: Gap
Leggings: Marshall's
Boots: Minnetonka via Ebay

I had such fun with my little family this morning!  We stopped for coffee, window-shopped, admired Christmas decorations, ate BBQ chicken pizza, and watched the first episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead." (Rowena was sleeping for that last part, don't worry.)  I am not much of a zombie freak, but I had to watch the show when I found out that Andrew Lincoln from Love Actually was in it.  It is surprisingly good, although I spend much of the time hiding behind my blanket.

I cannot get enough of my newly (cheaply acquired) ebayed Minnetonka boots!  I begged Darin for the Woodstock style in dusty brown for Christmas, so we'll see what happens.  I don't want to take these off... so warm and comfortable.  They also remind me of my dear friend/college roommate Angel who had the same pair in brown.  She was way ahead of her time.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!  I am going to sit by the space heater and read some Agatha Christie.  Heaven on a chocolate stick, right there.


  1. I love that scarf, they yarn is so cute & warm looking. It looks hand crocheted, if so, you have a talented friend!

    Love the outfit :)

  2. Oh my, The Walking Dead! You have to read my blog post about it! :) Love those boots and the skirt, and the color of your tights! Cute!

  3. You are totally hot. Love the outfit.

  4. i really need to watch the walking dead. i am slacking in the tv watching department. BUT..i will prob. be like you with my head in the pillow. i can not take scary things.

    you are so cute. i love your bangs in these pictures...& you paired those blue tights so amazing...i would have never thought to do it with plaid...but it looks beautiful.


  5. love the skirt with the tights- super cute. and i am totally obsessed by The Walking Dead!

  6. As I was sitting here catching up on your blog posts and getting ready to leave you a comment - my email dinged and I just saw I had a comment from funny. Anyways, I just love this look. You are too adorable and I have mad envy for your hair:) Those tights are so sweet especially with the plaid skirt/gray sweater/rust scarf = ADORE! I'll have to check out The Walking Dead...sounds interesting. Right now we are going through Pushing Daisies. Have a lovely evening!!
    P.S. I got that dress on sale at Target cheap.

  7. The Walking Dead is the first show in a long time that I've become addicted to. However, instead of hiding behind a blanket, I tend to plug my ears or start clapping when I think something is going to happen. Totally ineffective, but it's apparently my coping mechanism haha.

    Super cute outfit, by the way! I like how the bright blue goes surprisingly well with the plaid.


  8. You look adorable. Sounds like you had a great day! (:

  9. OMG! I am downloading The Walking Dead right now.

    Also, <3 Agatha! Enjoy. I am reveling in Wodehouse at the moment, but I may have to revisit Agatha when I'm finished with P.G.

  10. that scarf is so cute! your sunnies are kinda epic :)


  11. You need to wear your hair down like this more often. You look great!

    The Auspicious Life

  12. the boots are gorgeous, although the brown would be fab too! love your scarf :) x

  13. I used to have that same skirt! You look so cute in it. And those boots are pretty amazing.

  14. Love those bright blue leggings! They look fantastic on you!

  15. I love these Minns! I've always wanted a pair, but they don't fit me very well, so I've left them on the shelf time and time again. Boo.

    Glad to hear you had such a Happy Thanksgiving! I can't believe you used to have to work retail on BF. I'm so, so sorry :)


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