Monday, November 22, 2010

Flight of the Redbooted Bumblebee

Hat: Forever 21
Shirt, leggings: Gap
Dress: Tulle Clothing
Boots: Frye via Ebay
It is so good to be back! I had a fantastic day at work today and Darin and I are trying our hand at French onion soup tonight. Plus, I love my yellow dress. I snagged this one for $3.99 when Tulle used to have their really crazy sales.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am in spirit, but not in ingredients! What are you thankful for?
* Darin & Rowena
* Mom, Dad, my siblings, nieces, nephews, uncle
* my new town
* Fred Astaire & Jimmy Stewart
* my Nikon d3000
* My favorite authors, especially C.S. Lewis & L.M. Montgomery right now
* my faith
* my closet
* Darin's jokes
* a good job
* fake poop
* YOU! I'm serious. Thank you for reading.


  1. Oh, I just love your red boots and hat! I'm also looking forward to making a list of what I'm thankful for this year :)

  2. Oh I just love this post! C.S. Lewis is also one of my favs...and yes, there is so much to be thankful for. Your yellow dress is darling and cheery. What a great find!

  3. i am thankful for you as well.
    the yellow is perfect. you look lovely as every.
    your pictures but a smile on my face.

  4. lllooovveeee your red boots! and the standout colors against the black <3 such a classy look!


  5. This dress fits you PERFECTLY! I want to learn how to sew well just so I can make it for you in a dozen colors! THAT'S how good it looks on you. Glad you made it back safe. I'm thankful for you too, friend. I made it out to the OR coast last summer. We stayed in Rockaway Beach! What a cozy and adorable section of the world.


  6. yours posts always put a smile on my face. that dress is amazing and i love your hat! i am thankful that blogging provides such inspiration!!

  7. Yay, Frye boots!

    And yes, the Dolce Vita for Target boots hold up SO well! Both pairs are comfortable and haven't given me any issues so far.

  8. oh wow.. i like your eye for colors. very nicely done. i am now your new follower.

  9. You are such a sweetheart. That dress is absolutely wonderful! My favorite color!! I just LOVE this outfit. I have so much to be thankful for. I think I should make a list too. xx

  10. You're so wonderful! I'm planning a Thanksgiving post, too, but it's always harder for me to find things I'm thankful for.

    I do know that I'm definitely thankful for find your blog and being able to get to know you!

  11. You look so adorable in your bumblebee-esque colors and cute little red boots, just too too cute!
    Oh and I love that you wear boater hats and read L.M Montgomery, how perfect :)

  12. Lovely look! New follower! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

  13. How dare you flout your d3000! Wench!

    You're the best, Weez, and I love that you mentioned L.M. Mongomery! I miss her. Makes me what to move to Canada...

  14. Your dress is the cheeriest shade of yellow! I love the little button details.

    Bahaha, fake poop. I'm thinking of giving some to my brother for Christmas ;)

  15. super cute hat!!
    follow me on twitter: @FASHION_ICE


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