Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moccasin Moxie

I need your help. Not life-or-death decision help, but fashion help. Okay, I need life-or-death fashion help.

I am formulating a Christmas list for Darin's benefit, and on that list is a pair of Minnetonka moccasin boots. My question is, what is the best option? I think I want a black color, since I only have one pair of Frye Harness black boots that are woefully tight and uncomfortable. I also think that the combination of black + moccasins are an oxymoron (which I dig), so I am leaning in that direction. You helped me so much in my other shoe decision, so help me with this one! Help me decide, oh esteemed readers! Here are my top three picks:

Minnetonka Lace-Up Boots
Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe BootMinnetonka Woodstock Boot

Help a girl out. What's your favorite? I am shorter, so I am a little wary of the knee high option... but I love that one, too! And the Woodstock would look fantastic with tights and floral dresses. But I think I like it better in brown than in black. Sigh... I love shoes.


  1. Imagine me hollering out in a Broadway kind of Liza Minelli voice, "Minnetonka laaace up booooots!" I think that the knee-high will elongate your legs, therefore making you look taller rather than shorter. Plus, come on, they're rad!


  2. Nancy, your comments always make me laugh! Also, I have recently been told that knee-high boots make short girls look shorter. What is your (plural 'your') opinion on this? Sigh, fashion rules need to die.

  3. I haven't heard of the rule that short girls shouldn't wear knee highs. I LOVE knee highs. I am short. I say wear what you are comfortable in, and what feels like "you." One fashion rule does not apply to all, or even to one particular body type.

  4. 3-Layer Fringe!!!!


  5. Hmm I think the first ones are my favorite! I don't think they will make you too short as long as you wear 'em with the right things. It's all about the outfit. P:

  6. Oh wow, definitely #1. They are awesome and knee-highs TOTALLY can work on shorter legs(trust me, I'm an expert @ 5'1"!)

    Good luck and tell Darin I've been good this year too! =)

  7. hey there..cute blog! thanks for reminding me about my minnetonka boots..I need to rock those soon...thanks!



  8. all of them, duh. come on, darin, don't force louise to choose! okay but seriously, the three layer fringe are my favorites. they're definitely going on my christmas list!

  9. I vote #2 or #3. They both come in some lovely dark shades (black, burgundy...). I think the small colour selection for #1 makes them less versatile and harder to wear.

    Knee-high boots look good on everyone, short or tall, although the floppy shape of the tall moccasins, in my opinion, makes them less slimming and more difficult to wear.

  10. i like the 3 layer fringe boots the most =) 2nd choice would be the woodstock boot.

  11. I like the rustic feel coming from the Woodstock Boot myself. Makes me want to light a bonfire and dance around it. I have a pair of Minnetonkas that you just reminded me to pull out of my closet, though I wish they were in black.

  12. The tall ones are kind of passe'. The short ones are kind of granola. That leaves the tri-fringed ones which are neither passe' nor granola. IMHO

  13. Thanks, everybody! Each of your comments is appreciated... I'll let you know what I decide. :-)


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