Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Patchy McGee

Tee, scarf: Gap
Bomber jacket: gift from inlaws
Patchwork skirt, necklace: American Eagle
Grey tights: ??
T-straps: Biviel
Another rainy day, another dollar. Or something like that. Oh, Oregon.

I am so excited for Christmas! I can't wait to put on my favorite music and go caroling and attend all the Mt. Angel festivities. Tomorrow at work we are having a baking day for an event later in the evening. I will share my favorite cookie recipe with my coworkers and they will be forever blown away by my mad baking skills. (Okay, so it's the recipe, not me. But I follow the directions so well!)

Darin will be living in the garage until Christmas, it seems. His kitchen orders are coming in quickly. He has at least five that he's building right now-- I am constantly amazed at the amount of love and care he puts into each one. Kudos to Darin for his amazing work ethic! And kudos to me for living with a constant layer of sawdust in my home.


  1. LOVE the pendant! =)


  2. cute skirt! your husband's kitchen sets are adorable! :)

  3. This skirt is oh, so cute!


  4. I am excited for your amazing direction following tomorrow! Happy Day!

  5. What gorgeous pictures!! And I absolutely adore the patchwork :)

  6. ah girl, I'm crazy about your skirt.
    It's so country-bumpkin to me.
    It looks wonderful on you!

    hope to hear from you!
    love always


  7. What a fun skirt. Too bad you didn't have a scarecrow as a prop, it would have been perfect.

  8. I'm so excited for Christmas too!! I have a rule, no Christmas Carols before Thanksgiving & it's so hard not to break it! You look adorable. I used to have that exact skirt! I wonder what happened to it. :/

  9. that skirt is ADORBS, louise!!!! love it!! and i am so excited for xmas, too! bought some new ornaments on my lunch break today :)

  10. I love that skirt on you :) Super cool, you look really warm and cosy :)
    x jenna

  11. This is such a brilliant outfit!! Love it and love your blog!!!

  12. hey - did I give you that skirt? or maybe I just had the same one... in which case, i feel splendidly AWESOME having owned something that Louise also owns...

    i miss being able to "thrift" your clothes out of the GP laundry room. *sigh*


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