Monday, November 15, 2010

Showered Out

Hat: Vintage
Turtleneck, 'Curvy' Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: American Eagle
Shoes: Vintage Remix

This outfit took me through 7:30 am Mass, party prep, house-cleaning, youth group, hosting my sister's baby shower, and a bike ride. I couldn't wait to get out of it. I also ate too much today and I am so ready for a detox tomorrow.
The guest of honor, my beautiful sister:
Incredible vegetable garlicy soup made by my other sister:
Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Bring it on, Monday.


  1. @priest'swife- yup, but I didn't want to post her without my sister's permission! ;-)

  2. goergeous :)
    hey i invite you to visit my blog :D
    have a nice day

  3. My favourite jeans are GAP curvy! By the way, I'm you have any favourite ways to detox?

  4. Those shoes are pretty fab! What a busy weekend you had. Mine was good, a little hanging out with friends, some good foods, rewatching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, gearing up for Friday and the new release! I am so excited.

  5. Cool, that you love scrubs, too. ;)
    Wooow! The cake is gorgeous.
    And your Oufit is so cute; Especially the earrings are great.
    You and your sister are so stunning. An unbelievable pretty family. :)
    Lovely reagrds,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

  6. @Katherine,
    Tons of water with some apple cider vinegar! I feel a lot better after I drink that. And then I usually plan a good workout later in the day so I can have a good sweat. That sounds weird.

  7. That soup looks amazing! Perfect for a cozy day! I think your sister might want to pass on the recipe to your readers? hmmm?

  8. wow, that looks like a delectable fall meal!!! hope the shower was lovely :)

  9. looks like you had a great day! and that soup looks so yummy. I spent my day writing uni essays.. not fun! x

  10. first of all, you're adorable. second of all, take pictures of your house because it looks adorable, too.

    ps. i figured out pages! i even got fancy with it. took me forever, but at least it's pretty.

  11. Your sister looks like you! So pretty. (:

    I'm in love with those shoes!!

  12. Loved your blog, the pictures are so cute and gracious! You have a perfect style. like everything you post here!

  13. Looks yummy! I had Veteran's Day off, so a long weekend was just the ticket to curing my schoolweek blues.


    ps. check out my giveaway if you have the chance: Amira Mednick Wearable Art Giveaway


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