Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Bunny Barely

Headband: Kmart
Cardigan: Gap
Dress: ASOS
Denim leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Ebay
Lookit all that snow! Okay, it's just a layer of dandruff, but I have never seen snow before Thanksgiving in the Willamette Valley. We Oregonians have approximately two snowplows to the state; hence, school was closed today. I mean, people could die! Oregon: the state where the weathermen exaggerate freely and the inhabitants exercise debilitating caution.

Here's some more thankfulness:
* People who understand that Grimm and Andersen are good for children
* Snow or lack thereof
* An old friend's visit today
* Waking up from bad dreams and realizing they are not real
* Rowena's throaty, adorable, deep laugh
* Warm feet
* Pinocchio the original book (so funny with no Disney tripe!)
* My fuzzy snoring cat

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?


  1. Amazing, wasn't it? I can't believe schools were closed. Of course, I'm not complaining!
    I love this set of pictures, Louise. You look so happy!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. your dress is so beautiful! i'm quite jealous of your tiny amount of snow, it's about 80 degrees here in louisiana! it doesn't feel like november at all!

  3. Did your schools really close for that? Ours don't even close with 5 feet on the ground-we just have to dig ourselves a tunnel to get out! haha..amazing...
    Love the outfit! Everything looks so beautiful together!

  4. Holy! Your snow makes me jealous and reminds me of summer... Kidding. Kinda. Just to give you a point of reference: right now it's -17C (1F) but it feels like -27C with the windchill (-16F) so all in all a balmy day really...
    PS LOVE that dress!

  5. Adorable post! I love the boots and your blouse. Awesome. Weather in San Diego is colder than usual! Nice and chilly. :)


  6. They canceled school for THAT?!?!? Even if you aren't used to snow, what harm could a dusting like that do?

    On other matters, I really love this look. I think it's one of your best yet, very pretty, slimming and cohesive. The detailing on the shirt is beautiful and elegant too.

  7. your little boots are soooo cute! and the photos are just awesome. the dusting of snow is so cool. i can't wait for our first snow!!

  8. Beautiful outfit! Your cardigan is such a nice colour, and I love your dress and boots (: xx

  9. It's freezzzzing- probably will snow in the mountains- thanks for not calling them 'jeggins'- when you do- I'll unfollow you (just kidding)

  10. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!! Especially those boots!



  11. That's just crazy! We need at least 6 inches before we hear of even a delay. I love these photos. The whole outfit is really flattering on you. Gorgeous muted tones and awesome detailing on the dress and shoes!

  12. These photos are so delightful! I love your multi buckled boots, and headpiece. Warm and cozy

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I love your outfit: especially that amazing headband and gorgeous booties!
    The colour scheme rocks too :)

    It was meant to snow where I am today (just outside London) but it hasn't. I'm secretly glad, haha.

    Following now,

    Rosie x


  14. lovely pictures my friend :)
    x jenna


  15. Omg..The boots are so rad....love love them
    And beautiful pictures, u look lovely in that dress

  16. You look so adorable :) I cannot imagine a happier combination than that hat and those incredible boots!!

  17. ha ha i love how your 'thankful for grimm and andersen' ! altough i adore disney, sometimes they are just too fluffy. scary stories teach things so much better ha

  18. Oh just look at that pearl collar! Swoon! Your whole outfit is making me swoon, actually. I'm seriously considering a pair of those boots. Do they fit true to size?

    I'm always amused when places completely shut down with the teeniest hint of snow. It makes me laugh, but that's just the born & raised Northeastern-er in me ;)

    P.S. I second Grimm and Andersen being good for children!

  19. This is a gorgeous outfit! The dress is to die for, seriously and the headband just looks perfect! And you already know how I feel about those boots!

  20. I love the dress! And you look so cute in these pics. :)


    P.S. Your new header is great!


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