Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Style Murder

Hat: Forever 21
Sweater, leggings: Gap
Scarf: Banana Republic
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Dolce Vita for Target
The camera, weather, outfit, and my psyche were not in my blogging favor today. These were honestly the only acceptable photos. A huge reason for this is that I haven't exercised in a few days and I can feel my muscles begging for some pain and gross sweat. I'm gonna go give it to them right now. My body and spirit feel so much better after a good workout!

Tomorrow, Dressember begins! Are you ready for this? (cue music)

PS- I've been asking Darin for this purse for three consecutive Christmases... this year is the year, I can feel it!


  1. Aww, you're so cute! I can totally relate to getting in blog funks. Today was one of those days where I kind of had to push myself to take photos.
    That purse is seriously the CUTEST.

  2. Crossing my fingers you get your purse this year. Blog funks are no fun. Work yourself out and get back in the groove.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. You look cute as hell. Great energy, despite any interruption to your gym routine.

  4. Fabulous! Now I just need some lipstick hints. :)

  5. wow- all dresses and not even skirts? I would really have to hit the thrift stores

  6. i adore your lace up boots! and that owl purse is so cute!

  7. Love you! And you're super cute. And the owl bag rocks my world! I hope Santa brings it!

  8. You are gorgeous.
    1.I love the new header! I probably would have complimented it regardless, but I really do adore it.

    2.That purse.. Not at all helping my shopping addiction. I NEED it.

    3. I love YOU. <33

    4. Let's do a Christmas exchange.

  9. I love those boots! There so victorian like, which i love!

    I'm doing a Christmas swap in my blog and was hoping you would join in! It could be anything that you have made.

    Marja <3

  10. Cool boots m'dear
    Ooooh that purse is awesome!

  11. Wow. That is the most awesome bag I have ever seen. I want one! Alas, it seems to small for me. I have to carry my life with me and need a honking big bag.

  12. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but you have the BEST shoe collection! :)

    Amazing bag. Third time's the charm, right? ;)

  13. That owl purse is both ridiculous AND awesome.


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