Thursday, November 4, 2010

Track Star

Hoodie, plaid shirt: Gap
Skirt: Zac Posen for Target
Tights: Hue
Oxfords: Target
I've lived in Mount Angel four months and I just discovered this rusty abandoned train! I'll have to make use of it somehow... perhaps it can be Darin's couch alternative when we get in those epic arguments. Kiddin.' He sleeps in the car.

Speaking of Darin, we are ordering takeaway* tonight because I recently had my first payday since my new job. Yay! It's been a while. I think we'll watch some Firefly or old Office episodes. I hope you have a lovely and cozy evening as well.

*Didn't you know that I'm secretly British?


  1. Congrats on finding such a great location. I love those tights and shoes. I've never been to the great state of Oregon, but would love to get out there one day. You lucky gal. Cheers to taking the day off from cooking.

  2. ohhh love this location!!! beautiful pics! :)

  3. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! You are beautiful :) Also-I need those shoes!!

  4. This post is perfect! i love the photography, lighting and ofcourse your adorable outfit! those shoes are amazing..and I loooove raspberry tights. Hope you're having a great november so far!! x

  5. Beautiful pictures, dear! the last one is my favorite. Yeay for your first payday! you deserve some nice takeout meal (i eat out too on my paydays :)).

  6. You are amazing! I love the comment you left on my blog. So funny. I have those exact oxfords. But I got mine from glad you dropped me a line!

  7. Yay for payday! I hope the new job is going well. Also, you are very wise...the Office rocks.

  8. I want to be secretly British too! I want those those!

  9. Louise, you're hilarious! I'm so glad you caught my anti-Twilight reference. I was also considering giving it away to someone (reading is good, right?), but your marshmallow to the anorexic comment summed it all up for me.

    What is your new job? Do you like it? Weee, payday and takeout. Are you really British or do you like British words (or both)?

    Adorable outfit, as always. God bless your Friday,

    ps... ah, shameless plug. Louise's readers, if you've a minute, pop by: Paloma Vintage Giveaway! Merci!

  10. Loving your shoes! But the whole outfit is lovely. :)


  11. @ Nancy: I work at as a sales event coordinator for a youth center in town! I like it a lot, although I am still learning the ropes and that can be frustrating at times for all involved. And no, I am not British- in fact, I highly prefer the American version of the Office to the original! But I do love those Brits.

  12. lovely setting.
    i love railroads..but i can never get near one in WV bc they are running 24/7. getting hit by one is probably not wonderful..haha. so i def. wont be doing my outfit pictures there. :)
    have a beautiful weekend.

  13. Nice Outfit, lovely shoes and cute pictures! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  14. This is my favorite shoot of yours ever! What an awesome location. I LOVE trains. They're actually the only form of transportation I love, besides bikes. hehe This outfit is so adorable- I adore that skirt!! Such beautiful colors. I love your tights & shoes a ton too.


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