Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Bicycle Built for Lou

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live." ~Mark Twain
Leopard Coat, necklace: Forever 21
Tweed vest: old
Beret, sweater dress: Gap
Tights: Hue
Bag: Vintage thrifted
Old-as-Moses oxfords: Seychelles
Spring came a season early! See ya, winter. I'm ready to wear sandals and exercise my right to bare arms. It was such lovely weather that I risked flashing the neighborhood and rode Petunia to work. A sunny Christmas always seems a little silly to me, though. Let's hope Hera convinces/manipulates/seduces Zeus into giving Oregon a white Christmas this year!

Thank you to those who gave me some music recommendations! I was beginning to think that bloggers and their readers only listened to She & Him! Little joke, little joke--- I like 'em too!

"When I see an adult on a bicycle,
I do not despair for the future of the human race."
~H.G. Wells


  1. You always have the prettiest pictures!!! Love the leopard print faux fur coat! :D


  2. Look at you miss fashionista! That bag is stunning, but then again, your outfits are always so incredible. Fun! :)

  3. ooo...she and him....thanks for the original suggestion :)

  4. Love the necklace, Lou! Your retro look seems to veer slightly towards the Victorian - which is awesome. I recently got a bicycle, and although it's too cold to be practical, I dream of spring and riding to work. -Angelie

  5. the mark twain quote! you have the funniest sense of humor. i need to start working towards the right to "bare arms" too..while i still have time! (eeks, time is flying so quickly these days!)

  6. Haha! Louise, you crack me up. Your bike is so cool! I like the color.

    And your outfit is too cute. ;) It's something I could never wear down here but offers inspiration for next winter when I am determined to be some place cold.


  7. you look so adorable on that bike! I love the tights with your dress!!!!

    Marja <3

  8. This outfit is awesome (jacket, vest, tights, etc.). Also, your She & Him comment made me laugh out loud. :P

  9. What an adorable bike! I still ride my ten speed that I got when I was like 9 years old :)
    LOVE the leopard coat!

  10. you look so cute riding your bike, fun photos

  11. I was working on a crossword puzzle recently and the clue was something like ''Zues' wife'' and I couldn't for the life of me remember Hera. Haha. Making mental note now ;)

    Terrific outfit. Your flats and tweed vest are especially darling.

    Regarding your previous post, I'm sorry that another wee one isn't on the way yet. Aww. But it sure is exciting that you're planning for another!

  12. Love the picture of you on the bike and I love that coat! Cute!


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