Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Dress, tee: Gap
Hat, scarf: Forever 21
Tights: We Love Colors
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Old Navy
This is the perfect comfy outfit for one of those days that you think you're pregnant but you get your period instead. Hmph. Where's the damn stork when you need him? Roey wants a sister! Too personal for a blog post? Perhaps, but I just drank some Marionberry wine with my brother and sister, so there.

Oh, I got recognized today! My lovely waitress at my favorite Mt. Angel restaurant took one look at me and asked, "Are you the Coffee & a Cardigan girl?" I tried to not look surprised and said yes. She gave me a big hug and was so complimentary and sweet! Thank you, Tammy! You made my day. After a delicious lunch of beer-cheese soup and a pastrami sandwich, my day was suddenly better. I am so thankful and blessed. It's easy to be dissatisfied, but it's also kinda evil.

I can't get Florence & the Machine out of my head, hence the title of this post. That song makes me want to jump up and dance and scream. I usually shy away from popular and well-known things, but I made a rare exception.

Joyous Wednesday to you!


  1. great shoes! and i love that wide brimmed hat!
    such a great outfit...

  2. Oh, I sympathise with the "that kind of day" feeling....
    you look wonderful :)

  3. had me rolling with that first paragraph. So so true though. I love the hat....such an adorable ensemble:)

  4. That dress is amazing!! That hate goes with the outfit so well, it's so cute!

    Marja <3

  5. Could you get any cuter?! That had looks amazing on you, and don't even get me started on those amazing shoes. Happy Holidays!

    ps. I listened to Florence and the Machine for weeks ceaselessly. I love "heavy" too which isn't on that CD. Check it out if you haven't!

  6. That hat! You rock that wide-brim look. This is such a cool, unique outfit -- loving the shoes especially. And grats on getting recognized! That's so cool!

    Also I totally think you'd be able to handle Dexter. There's a lot of dead bodies, but no prolongued deaths or torture so far. Dexter kills pretty quickly and cleanly!

  7. 1. your outfit is adorable. are those the "mocha" tights from we love colors? i've been coveting them for a long time!

    2. i sympathize 100% about the frustrations of TTC. been there too many times to count. praying God will answer your prayers in His perfect time!

    3. you should check out Florence and the Machine's cover of Beirut's "postcards from italy" sometime. it will give you chills! (and by that i mean the good kind!


  8. Awesome!! I'm jealous you were recognized- I've never been recognized, but maybe that's a good thing? LOL :)

  9. Oh wow! Lucky you for getting recognized..go ahead and let stardom get to your head :)

    Love the outfit! I hope the stork comes soon..he might be delayed in bad weather lol

  10. Ahhhhhhhhh!~

    The colors, patterns and textures you have used here are so great. I want to go to there and wear that NOW.

    (I'm sorry you are not pregnant. A blog is what you make of it and if you want to complain about your oven being empty you get to! xoxo)

  11. Love this outfit...very chic. I also absolutely love that song The Dogs Day are Over.

  12. So cute. And it looks so comfy, too!

    Well, that's cool! I have yet to be recognized. Of course, I only have 40 followers... One day. :P

    Glad you had some encouragement on a day that wasn't so encouraging. :)


  13. ...your lunch sounds divine...Ro might be shocked, shocked by a baby BROTHER one of these days and he will store his cars in her kitchen sink

  14. HA, you're adorable. Sorry no babies yet :/

    But I'm loving how dark and mysterious you look today! That hat is so right ON.

  15. Oh, I adore your scarf! The baby will happen soon. It must be so disappointing! <3

  16. How cool that you were recognized :) I can imagine it must be pretty surprising indeed!

    Even if you didn't feel so well, you look really cute in the photos! I love the mixed prints and this lady-like hat that gives the look some drama :)

  17. hey girl....its your corner of the internet, say what you feel! sorry to hear it :( all in good time, my dear! rowena will have a little brother or sister in no time!!!! xoxo

  18. Oh, I absolutely love that hat! (and your title. I loveeeee Florence :P)
    And how cool is it to get recognized... you go, girl!


  19. Love the hat! Love the shoes! Hang in there... I'm sure before you know it you'll be posting the good news!

  20. You are too cute! I love your outfit. Great photos, too :)

    KF x

  21. I LOVE this look. This dress is fantastic and everything else is really working here. What a great look.


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