Monday, December 6, 2010

Flapper Inspired

Feather headband: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Gap
Scarf: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West 'Kimball'
I am spent. All I wanted to do this weekend was clean the house and decorate for Christmas. That, my friends, did not happen. Darin and I had to move/drive/unpack two truckfuls of leftover storage, prepare and sing for Mass, and go to a caroling party this evening. Do you ever feel like the holidays are so rushed that you can't enjoy them? I'm not committing to anything else until after Christmas.

In other news, I liked my flowy dress and hair feathers. The dress was directly inspired by Marisa; I saw it on her and I bought it for myself. End of story, really. She's a delightful chick, so I know she won't mind. I totally associate Marisa with the berry color of the cardigan I am wearing, too. Funny thing, because Marisa recently posted a sweet entry about me!

I am crashing. Goooood niiiiight.


  1. This is my favorite of your dressember looks so far! All the little detailings on the dress are as cute as can be and those shoes are amazing!


  2. You look adorable. Love the vintage inspired dress. Isn't Christmas decorating exhausting? I'm recovering from it this weekend myself!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Aw thanks Louise! You are so sweet. This totally made my morning:) I love how you styled the dress...I never thought to take it the flapper route, but it's quite perfect. I love the headband!!! I'll be getting Christmas decorations up this if I can only find the time.

    xx Marisa

  4. You look so pretty!

    I love the dress and the shoes are so pretty!

    Marja <3

  5. i am such a sucker for feathered headbands! i buy them and then they collect dust b/c i never know when they're appropriate! i love how you tossed this one on a regular day! i dont know why i think they're special occasion only.

    super cute!

  6. Yeah, I always feel like there's so many other things going on during the holidays that I can never appreciate them fully. Which is frustrating! But oh well.

    I love that dress SO MUCH. In fact I almost bought it a while back at Target, but ended up buying a different one instead. I'm kinda wishing I'd bought them both, now... super adorable.

  7. I am LOVING those shoes! And you look just beautiful-great colors on you!

  8. I'm loving this flapper inspired look of yours! Delightful! That cardigan is such a lovely color, too.

  9. You look gorgeous! I love your hair up like that, it's so pretty and feminine.

  10. oh how i wish i was a flapper.
    you look beautiful and i always love all the colors you use in your outfits.

  11. You look gorgeous!! That dress is so lovely & the feathers and that cardigan and those shoes... LOVE! I definitely know what you mean about the holidays being so busy. I haven't been home for a weekend since the very beginning of November! I won't be home this weekend either. :/

  12. This dress is SOOO pretty.

  13. This outfit is darling. I'm a sucker for any oxford-inspired shoes. And I LOVE stumbling upon small-town Oregonians! Hello friend! I lived in Portland for a while, and I now reside in the Medford/Ashland area in Southern Oregon. Yey for Oregon! xo Let's prove to the world that small-town Oregonian's can dress fabulously.

  14. There is everything to love about this outfit! You look absolutely perfect! Now why can't I ever find dresses like that in Target?? It is super cute and I love how you've paired it with this fun color!


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