Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Cat Feet

Hat: Vintage
Dress: Old Navy
Denim vest: Gap
Sweater: Hand-me-down
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Booties: Seychelles 'Spectacle'
The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
-Carl Sandburg

Not my favorite poem, (I'm a Hopkins kind of gal) but today I like it. I had an interesting experience tonight. There I was, in the middle of Target with an armful of miscellaneous presents and some ridiculously cheap clothing meant for myself. As I headed toward the checkout, I abruptly stopped and looked around me. A woman sassily gossiping on the phone. A child whining at his ignoring parents. People walking, running, searching. Not a lot of happiness. I looked down at my loot and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. "This is stuff," I thought to myself, not unlike Sarah in Labyrinth. "It's just stuff!" I had to send it back where it came from, so there it went, and I left without purchasing anything. I felt so free when I left the store! I could breathe! Do any of you have experiences like this during the holidays?

Today's ensemble wasn't planned, but it worked for me. The big chunky sweater kept me cozy while my flowered hat kept me happy. I've gotten more wear out of that $7 hat than I thought I would! It's a favorite of mine during the summer months. I'm cold... off to sit by the space heater and read until I fall asleep!


  1. Great photos and great get up. That hat is sweet and so it that dress.

  2. It's nice to get moments of reality sometimes. I feel like this holiday season has been especially uncheery-maybe because I'm away from my parents' home for the first time?

    Lindsey Soup

  3. I love that movie! It was a childhood favorite that I just recently found a copy of. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who remembers it, usually I just get head scratchs and shrugs when I ask if anyone has seen it!!=)

  4. Gosh, how cute are you! I love every single one of these..and the coloring is so dreamy too. Those tights look adorable on you aswell. Ah, just cant get enough of this post!! x

  5. i love the atmosphere/mood of these photos. there is something about fog that really makes me want to grab my camera and capture it...but its so hard

    & cute hat, it really makes the outfit along with the red dress :)

  6. amazing photos! Really dreamy background with the mist and all, and your outfit is perfect! You look lovely!

    xxx Charlie
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  7. I love that hate, it's so adorable!! That dress goes perfectly with your sweater! I love those shoes as well, i really need to go out and by me some good shoes. I honestly barley have any:(
    I still need to get me a winter coat, i couldnt get one yesterday cause my thirft store closed on me:( I'll have to wait until next week probably.

    Marja <3

  8. Good for you for not being wooed by stuff! It's so hard not to be sometimes. My family and I aren't really doing presents this year. Maybe one small thing each. I hate thinking of the people I love running around all stressed out to get me something I don't need or won't use. Spending time with them is all that I want! PS I love the dress/tights combo!

  9. I love the denim jacket under the cardigan- I'll have to try that!!
    I really want a thick, cosy cardigan like that!!
    That's what I'm hunting for in the sales!!

    Charlotte xxx

  10. I know what you mean. I get so overwhelmed going into stores lately that I go in with a list and just get what I need, then get out. I'm a present-giving type person, so I've bought all my gifts already... Mercifully. By the way, I love your comfy and fun ensembles... "Fashion is serious." ;)


  11. You are too cute in that hat, and love the booties!

    I TOTALLY feel you about your experience in Target. I worked retail for a decade and it made me really hate the holidays. So much consumerism, and no one stopping to realize WHY they are buying the presents, decking the halls. I have stopped going into stores at this time of year and shop online so I can be in my happy little holiday bubble, loving my friends and family, appreciating all the good things in life, walking in my winter wonderland. :)

  12. cute side-braid and YAY for not buying anything!

    by the way...I am going to be setting some clothes free- you can pick over them and maybe make them stylish

  13. Super cute outfit - love that hat on you :)

    Yes, I think I've been there.
    To be honest, I go through periods of feeling generally alienated and retail palaces aren't the most "personal" of spaces so they can really ride home the ridiculous side of our society/habits/daily life.

  14. FantastiC!!!!

  15. Those tights are a fantastic colour!


  16. Girl, that vintage hat is absolutely adorable! And you rock your polka dots like no other ;)


  17. You mentioned Labyrinth. Awesome. That movie is so great. But yes, regarding the reason you mentioned it, I've absolutely been in that situation. I currently work in retail, so I see firsthand that there isn't a lot of happiness in this holiday mad-dash that the general population partakes in. It's sad, really. Good for you for stepping aside and taking that refreshing deep breath :)

    Oh, and I very much liked the rest of this post. Sweet ensemble, AMAZING vintage hat (I can see why it's a favorite!), and beautiful fog photos.

    Enjoy your weekend, Louise!

  18. I hear and feel you. Just this morning, for the millionth time I was discussing with the significant other how a turnaround has to be made regarding the materialism that has taken over society. No longer are the holidays commemorated for their traditional or spiritual values, but for the "stuff" one gets. I applaud your bravado at leaving empty-handed. You go, girl!

  19. I love cardigans too!!!

    This is a new one (vintage) I got recently =)

  20. SUCH a lovely post :)
    Gorillas in the mist ;) Just joking :P

    I have bought 1 out of 10 presents, and not finding ANYTHING worth anything, it IS all just stuff! Very annoying.
    Hope you are having better luck.
    x jenna

  21. Yep, totally do get that feeling sometimes in the hectic, non-joyous aspects of Christmas-shopping bilge that comes of the materialistic view of holiday gift-giving. I have to meditate on the celebratory Christmas memories I have experienced with friends/family to recover from it.


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