Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Surrender Dorothy

Beanie: someplace in Ann Arbor
Dress: Tulle
Blouse: Tucker for Target
Tights: We Love Colors
Platform sandals: Bronx
I didn't believe my ears when my concerned boss called the office with news of a tornado warning. A tornado? In Oregon?? Really??? I suddenly felt like a kid, hoping that I'd get out of school early so I could play in the snow! Alas, I am not in school and there was no snow involved. I'll never forget when fifth grade was canceled for almost a month because of snow dustings. We take our weather seriously in the Willamette Valley, folks! So serious that we don't have any equipment to deal with it.

I've been wearing red and green together a lot since I began this blog! It's been a challenge not to make my outfits too 'holiday' when I pair the colors; they are complimentary, after all. (This fact courtesy of art major Darin.) The chunky-knit camel beanie is one of my favorites! I picked it up for two dollars and I hope it never dies!

Fun fact: My grandfather was a character actor in Hollywood, and my grandmother was a costume designer for the Cleveland Playhouse. They were friends with Margaret Hamilton, one of the best character actresses in history and coincidentally, the Wicked Witch of the West. (I hate it when people namedrop, but sadly, I never knew my grandparents. Sharing information about them is how I connect myself to them, I suppose!)

Have a lovely day!



  1. how cool about your grandparents! I love the tucker layered with the dress :) so cute!


  2. So cute! that really is cool about your grandparents :)

  3. Oooh A twister, be careful, okay!
    The wins has been blowing in Cape Town for 4 weeks now, with 2 days break, and it's driving me crazy!
    Have a lovely day
    x jenna

  4. Loving the colour combos in this outfit. It's playful!

  5. What a lovely outfit! Red and green look great at this time of year, but I'm always wary of combining them when it's not December. And what a lovely fact about your grandparents!

  6. Absolutely fantastic photos - it really does remind me of the scenes around Dorothy's house. I am terrified of tornados, probably my biggest fear ever and they are the only things I have nightmares about.

    You look gorgeous as always. The dress is adorable and well paired with that lovely blouse.

    Go ahead and name drop:) That is pretty darn awesome about your grandparents!

  7. LOVE the beanie, what a great shape to it - super cute on you! And I really missed out w/ Tucker for Target - every time I see a piece on someone it looks so cute!

    My grandmother went to high school with Bette Davis and always said to my mom that Bette was a snob (she passed before I knew her). Grandparent name dropping isn't name dropping, it's a fun peek into their and your own history. And it's so much better then because Hollywood wasn't as big so the stories are usually far better!

  8. Great look, super cute dress :)

    hehe fun to hear the East of England is not the only place where they deal with fine sprinklings of snow by staying indoors :D So much for economics (ie cheaper for everyone to stay home than buy a couple of ploughs)

  9. I love the red and green on you! That dress is stuning!!

    I always watch the Wizard of Oz whenever it comes on, but now that i know that about your grandparents i'm always going to think of that whenever i watch it:)

    Marja <3

  10. This is so great, I wish I'd been able to see the tornado. But thinking about it is good enough I guess. Red and green together make me so happy in any season, and these darker colors are peerrrfect. Plus your hat is just adorable. Uh yeah. Derp derp. Bye now. <3

  11. Girl, you rock your reds and greens! Love your layering too!

    PS: Your grandparents are the coolest!!


  12. wow, that is some fantastic family history!

  13. glad you made it through the tornado.
    i dont know what i would do without you. :)
    love this outfit. the beanie is perfect with it.
    beautiful as always!!

  14. Oh wow you look so adorable! I love how you play with the colours and it seems you're finding out different ways to wear dresses - I also love the layering here! :)

  15. That is so cool about your grandparents!! Lovely outfit. That dress is awesome. There's only been a tornado once in my town that I can remember & I was SO SCARED.

  16. you look adorable in this outfit. I am from Texas so tornadoes are no big thang but snow on the other hand is a disaster. We dont get along

  17. I was thinking about you actually when I heard about the tornado on the news (10 hours after the fact). I was thinking, do I know anyone who lives south of here? And I thought of you! How crazy was that?
    Love the Tucker for Target under the dress. I'd say you are still being quite innovative in this dress month, my dear!

    The Auspicious Life

  18. Wait, what? I knew about your grandfather character actor, but your granmum was a costume designer for the Playhouse? If I ever move back to my hometown that is totally what I want to do! The lady who designed my sister's wedding dress was a Playhouse designer too.


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