Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wie treu sind Deine Blatter

Hat: Gap
Dress: Tucker for Target
Vest: Shade
Legwarmers: Forever 21
Oxfords: BC Footwear 'Slicker'
The Christmas tree is up and it feels like spring! We bought our tree from the Boy Scouts just down the street; one of the boys carried it back to our house for us! Just one of the many perks of living here.

I am on day four of Dressember and I feel like I am running out of ideas! I'd better catch up on my blog reading for some inspiration. Thank you all for your sweet comments lately-- I promise I will catch up on replying via your blog or email soon!

*The title of this blog post, translated from German: "Your green branches delight us."


  1. You got me thinking of the nursery school humour version of that tune now

    Looking great :)

  2. You are so stylish with your socks and hat, swissy missy!

    How do you edit your pictures to get the vintage-y feel?

  3. That dress is so very pretty! And I love love the color of your leg warmers! :)

  4. I'm so loving this dress and paired with those leg warmers--the look is genius!

  5. The tucker dress looks sweet with those leg warmers.

  6. you are too cute! love the legwarmers :)


  7. Great outfit! I love it paired with the vest, leg warmers & oxfords. Getting the Christmas tree is the best!! We decorated ours on Friday. (:

  8. I love how you're channeling 1940s aviation style here.


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