Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Me @ the Sock Hop

Headband: c/o Her Catwalk
High-school Letterman Sweater: Mom
Romper: thrifted
Boots: Dolce Vita for Target
Thanks to those of you who have entered the Blowfish shoes giveaway! I am heartened on this dreary Monday morning by the lovely comments you left, and I want to respond to each one! (But then I would probably win the shoes, and that would just be cruel.)

Her Catwalk sent me this pretty velvet headband (among some other accessories I can't wait to show you) and I continued its precious legacy by pairing it with my vintage romper. My mom's old Letterman sweater was a perfect addition (although art-major Darin doesn't think orange and red go together), especially because she lettered in band! Go mom!

Grow a Pair

... of cute new shoes, that is!

Blowfish Shoes and I are pairing up to give away one pair of adorable shoes to one lucky reader! I chose the Gilt style for you, as I couldn't resist the combination of the sweet ruffle, cheeky corset, and mini-wedge it offers. These will be a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!
How to enter:
1) Be a follower of Coffee & a Cardigan via Bloglovin, Google, or any other newfangled technological contraption. Just leave a (funny or interesting) comment!
2) Add two extra entries if Coffee & a Cardigan is on your blogroll! Please add two extra comments with the link.

The winner will be randomly chosen next Sunday, February 6th.

This giveaway is open to international readers.

A big thank you to Blowfish Shoes and YOU. Thank you for sticking with me!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dress, beret, scarf: Gap
Crochet vest: Ross
Tights: Marshall's
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: MinnetonkaWhite girls can't jump.
I wish you could see my new old-lady vest better in the pictures! I should have foregone the scarf. This dress is my "Friday Dress." It's perfect Friday wear for me because I move a lot of furniture around the youth center to prepare for the weekend's visitors. It has a linen-feel to it, doesn't wrinkle, and is the most comfortable dress I own. When I don't know what to wear, I almost always reach for this. It's definitely a favorite here on ye olde blog!
What's your default piece of clothing?

Keep your eyes peeled for that giveaway I promised!
Love to you!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)

I have my beloved Nikon D3000, my homemade computer, and my brilliant husband Darin to aid me in my technological breakdowns. I also have my own Coffee & a Cardigan domain, but it just acts as a splash page to lead to you either my blog, Facebook, or Twitter. It's a work in progress.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)

I use Blogspot for ye olde blog, Picnik for cropping and fixing, and Camerabag for special effects and magic!

3. What is your process for taking pictures?

"Darin, can you take photos of me?"
"Umm... yeah... *working on his computer* ... be right there."
Thirty seconds later
"DaaaaRIN! Come on..."
"I just gotta finish this email to my boss."
"Humph. I need to get changed so I can work out. Please?"
"Okay, lemme grab my shoes."

And that's how it's done.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?

Darin and I are usually bound to areas right around the house if the photo session takes place during my daughter's nap. Otherwise, I am always on the lookout for fun locations! I wish I had more variety, but it's really about me and my outfit, not the location I choose.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?

A new lens! I wish they weren't as expensive as the camera.

PS- a shout-out to Darin who not only takes my pictures, but he designs everything on Coffee & a Cardigan! Thank you for taking time out of your busy work schedule to help lil' old me!

Wanna be a part of Friend Friday? Do it.


Hat: Vintage
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Ross
Jeans: Gap 'Curvy'
Shoes: thrifted
I scored this amazing cotton-not-acrylic sweater at Ross for $3! It's so comfortable and cocoony and perfect for those not-so-skinny days. Speaking of those days, I am getting back into my workout routine and it feels so good. My hurricane of a cold knocked me out for a few weeks, but I'm back on track with my not-so-personal trainer Jillian Michaels.

And now for a new segment of Coffee & a Cardigan!

Schmeez Droppings:

* 'Schmeez' was my nickname in college. Several of my friends still use it.
* Ooh ooh! I totally saw Voldemort drive past me today. He drives a Corolla.
* Rowena pooped in Target's parking lot this afternoon. I had to get that off my chest.
* Of all the 'trendy' things going on right now, I love the clog trend. The wooden platform, the 70s vibe, the metal studs, the slight dorkiness... I foresee myself wearing them for a long time.
* I will not admit to the fact that I like American Idol this season. I won't! I don't even watch it!
* I'm glad you're here.

Thank you, no really, thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Valentines of Alice Finke

Do you remember Alice's sweet postcard to her gentleman friend Hubert? Look at what little Alice wrote on the Valentine sent to her by pal Enis:
I'm sure I'm not alone when I proclaim, "Long live Hubert and Alice!"

Also, if I ever have a little boy, I am so putting him in rompers. Sorry, Darin.

Chasing Pavements

Hat: Forever 21
Blouse: Tulle
Vest: Thrifted
Skirt: Gap
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Seychelles 'Duchess'

My favorite skirt + aqua + boater hat = a good 'un.

The 30 for 30 challenge starts next Tuesday, and I haven't picked out my clothing yet! I'm going to finish up laundry and put aside a few of my picks. See ya!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dancing with Myself

Tee, skirt: Gap
Necklace: Forever 21
OTK socks: Sock Dreams
Booties: Seychelles 'Spectacle'

Thanks so much for all your well-wishes yesterday! I took your advice and I bought a Neti Pot. I gotta tell you, it is so disgustingly satisfying to stuff the nozzle up your nose and watch the solution come out the opposite nostril! It doesn't hurt at all, and it definitely speeds up the snuffy schnoz healing process.

I am a little late posting my outfit for the Everybody, Everywhere challenge. When I first started blogging, I was so nervous to take part in any style challenge! (Which is why I didn't do that last 30 for 30.) I foolishly wondered, "Am I invited?" Turns out, I'm not. But it sure is fun being a party-crasher.
I'm curious:
If you're a blogger, do you take part in blog style challenges?
Why or why not?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonny Lass

Beret, tee: Gap
Vest, skirt: thrifted
Tights: Marshalls
Shoes: Target
You duys. I dan't dalk. My dose is do duffed up.

This winter cold just won't quit. I'm pretty sure it's obsessed with me, like Beyonce in that movie. Do you have any tried-and-true remedies for a stuffed up nose? I'm just glad my energy is back! A shout-out to Darin who made me go to bed after work and made some amazing bacon & bleu-cheese burgers for dinner.

This outfit was perfectly comfortable for a walk in the park to obtain some much-needed vitamin D. I'll probably pack away the red skirt soon, as the color is too wintery for my taste come spring. I'm one of those people that is freezing all spring because the winter clothes are prematurely packed. As you know, I learn the hard way.

I'm off to make some hot tea and read Flannery O'Connor!
Stay tuned for a fantastic giveaway this week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Posy Parker

Headband: Goody
Dress: c/o Ruche
Leggings: Gap
Wedges: Pour la Victoire 'Ida'
Today, the man behind me in church sneezed on my neck. That's pretty much how my weekend went. Luckily, I wore this adorable dress the whole time! Ruche generously sent it to me, and I tell you, it's my new favorite. When I first put it on I thought it didn't fit me, but I was just thrown off by the dolman sleeves. It's a delicate yet durable floral confection, and I foresee it getting a lot of wear this spring. I'm really digging how it flatters my curves. My wardrobe needs some more Ruche in her life.

S'more favorites:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

This weeks's FBFF questions focus on authenticity and being the genuine article.

1. Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the
blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity?

Judy Garland said,
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." Enough said.

2. When it comes to your blog how to you infuse it with that true/authentic feeling?

I have to throw a little caution to the wind. I know that it may cost me some readership, but then I remember that I'm primarily here to make friends. I try to write the way I speak: I really do say the word 'lovely,' I really do keep fake poo in my purse, and I am utterly passionate about Fred Astaire and Jimmy Stewart. I keep it as real as I can, even though it can be difficult. Blogging would be so much easier if people I knew didn't read my blog!

3. Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What made you lose interest?

Yes, I have. (Sorry, Perez! Kidding.) Some have been completely obsessed with sponsorship and advertising, which turned me off. Others have lacked personality and originality, and perhaps a tad too self-deprecating. The blogs I follow need to have a positive, honest, warm quality. I also don't like it when style bloggers bring politics into the mix. I come to their blog for the fashion, not their opinion on hot-button topics! For me, even as a strongly opinionated woman, it blurs the blog a little bit.

4. We can't communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don't live in real life... what are some ways you try to live an authentic life?

Since I live in Oregon (and especially when I lived in Portland), there's this ridiculous pressure to be 'hipster.' I am not. I eat organics, bake a lot, and drink unfiltered apple cider vinegar, but that's about it. But clothing-wise? I don't accept pressure.

5. Give a shout-out... Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine and why?

I'll give you three off the top of my large head:
Suze: She is car-a-zay with patterns and is unapologetic for it! She is good-hearted and oblivious to 'blogger-status.' She welcomes everyone.

Emily: She is so funny, so welcoming, so amiable, and just the right amount of snarky. I also really like her nose.

Jessica: She seems to get hurt and sick a lot. HAHAHA! Just kidding, but this girl is real. She has the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Like Chinese chicken.

Erin: This girl's been getting hurt a lot too... so has Lisa... (Get well soon, girls!) But seriously, both women have been utterly supportive of me and are the epitome of 'real.' Man, this list is getting long and is sorely incomplete. (I'm working on getting a list of my favorite bloggers... coming soon!)

I'd love to know:
How can I improve my authenticity?

When the World was Younger

Tunic: Red Dress Shoppe
Earrings: Forever 21
Hoodie: Gap
Vest: Shade
Jean Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Steven 'Masen'
One spring day after high-school finals, my friend Mandy and I drive to the Olive Garden for lunch to celebrate. As we stroll into the practically vacant restaurant and take our seats, I notice a somewhat elderly man sitting alone in the corner booth. He reads a newspaper and hasn't yet received his food. I think to myself, "No one should eat alone." I walk right up to his table (without consulting Mandy) and politely ask him if he would like to join us.

Completely taken aback, the man mutters, "Um, no thank you." I smile and return to my table. Minutes later, he ambles to our table and awkwardly asks if the offer still stands. Of course it does, so he breaks bread with an understandably hesitant Mandy and me. He tells us about his family, his dogs, how TV was better back then, how he and his daughter don't really talk anymore. After the ravioli and endless breadsticks vanish, we say our goodbyes and he thanks us for the company.

I didn't tell you this story to advertise how great I am (or was at seventeen year old.) Rather, I ask myself, would I show that same kindness today? I'm honestly not sure. I'm not sure, and that saddens me. I want to better myself, and in some respects, 'backtrack' to a kinder, simpler Louise. Yeah. Like that.

Aaaaaanyway, I loved my outfit today-- the boots make me think of folding caramel and zippers. TGIF!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Milkman, Paperboy, Evening T.V.

Hat: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Dress, scarf, cardigan: Gap
Tights: c/o We Love Colors in Hunter Green
Pumps: Bronx
Blow, blow, thou winter wind.
Thou art not so unkind
As man’s ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.
Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green holly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho, the holly!
This life is most jolly.
Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
That dost not bite so nigh
As benefits forgot:
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp
As friend remember’d not.
-Shakespeare, As You Like It

Sometimes you need a little Billy Shakes in your life to break up the predictability of my bright-colored ensembles. Sometimes I feel that I lack sophistication in my wardrobe (after all, I'm a adult now, gag), but then I remember who I am. I'm Louise. I like hats, obnoxious colors, high shoes, kind people, Agatha Christie, taxidermy, singing, Narnia, swing sets, coffee, PC adventures games, and pranks. These things just won't change. I am so happy that adulthood (or parenthood, for that matter) is not synonymous with seriousness. I don't think I could handle it.
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