Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Comedy of Errors

Beret, skirt, tee: Gap
Cardigan: Hand-me-down
Camel coat: Thrifted
Croche Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Wedges: Pour la Victoire 'Ida'
Ack! Pervert cat!
At a work event not thirty minutes ago, I slipped and fell (hard) in a puddle of sticky punch. Slightly embarrassed, I limped to a sink to wet some rags for cleanup. As I turned on the faucet full blast, the hose attached to it went haywire, shooting water in the hallway and on the Board Vice President's face and suit. Rowena ran over to see what was going on and slipped in the water, hurting her poor lil' elbow. With Ro weeping inconsolably, we quickly (and gladly) left the scene and drove home. We're all in our cozy pajamas now, bruises slowly forming to greet us in the morning.

Nevertheless, I had a fantastic day, and I secretly love having stories like this so that I can tell them over and over to my indulgent parents.

I hope you aren't as tired of the fence backdrop as I am! I'll try to mix it up a bit more. Thanks for all the haircut approval-- I like it too! Almost as much as I adore the above t-shirt . It has pintucks and ruffles all over. Why don't all t-shirts have pintucks and ruffles? I would wear them everyday!

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