Sunday, January 16, 2011

Limelight: We Love Colors

I have had a blast during my partnership with online hosiery company We Love Colors. They were Coffee & a Cardigan's first sponsor! I adore their product (hence the sponsorship) and I have been incredibly impressed with their prompt responses, fantastic customer service, and quality product. Cara kindly obliged to answer some questions I had about the company.How and when was "We Love Colors" founded?

The concept for We Love Colors began in 2002 as a family business, when Richard Holmberg and Craig Holmberg teamed up to create We Love Colors, Inc. Richard has 30+ years of dying experience in the textile field. The company originally started in New York in 2003 and relocated to Florida in 2004. Then, in 2008, we relocated to our current location in Miami where we do all of our own textile dyeing, finishing, packaging, and order fulfillment.

How did you get involved in the company?

I graduated from college in 2009, moved to Miami, and started working for We Love Colors! The first time I heard about the company was in a Glamour magazine editorial while I was back home in California... I noticed the bright socks and looked up the credit info so I could find out where to purchase them!

Who makes your product? Do you ensure fair business practice?

We Love Colors products are currently made in the USA, China, Taiwan, Turkey, and Columbia. Our products arrive in white and are color dyed and finished in Miami, Florida. We execute corporate responsibility when selecting vendors to purchase from. We require all vendors with which we buy direct to permit us to visit and inspect the facilities where the products are produced.

We request information regarding the identity of the manufacturer of goods for products we buy indirectly from distributors. If the distributor does not provide this information we actively pursue alternative vendors for those products and/or terminate relations with said distributor. We require that all vendors strictly follow labor laws for their workers. In fact, Craig just took a trip to Taiwan this summer to check out some of our manufacturers and was extremely impressed with their business practices, facilities, and the treatment of their work force. He has also visited several manufacturers in China, North Carolina, and New York. We try to keep strong relations with both our domestic and overseas manufacturers to ensure they are conducting their operations in an ethical and fair manner.

What is it like working for We Love Colors?

This is going to sound cheesy...but FUN! I especially love working with our customers and bloggers. It's so fun to see how people style our products! Seeing our name and products in print, updating our Press Blog, and sharing the posts with coworkers and customers is one of my favorite parts of the job.

What is your favorite product and/or colors that you offer?

My favorite product is the Wide Mesh Fishnets #1403 in dusty green, light tan, and gold! My first time wearing fishnets was when I started working here and now I can't stop! I also love our Solid Color Microfiber Tights #1053 in black and red. WLC allows for freedom and creativity in terms of dress at the office so I've discovered a lot about about my personal style while working here!

Thanks for your time, Cara! Read my WLC product review here.

Have you ever purchased from We Love Colors?
What's your experience?

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