Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Coat: Forever 21
Tee, Jeans: Gap
Scarf: gift from Mumsy
Cami: Shade
Mushroom cap: American Eagle
Pumps: Franco Sarto
I just got home from my brother's Twelfth Night party! It was so nice to have some festivity after New Year's. Everyone brought a topping for a potato bar and we tasted my brother's homemade strawberry wine. I even indulged in my sister's cranberry-orange bread, which I regret a little bit, but not completely. (Does anyone else abhor the word 'indulge?' It makes me uncomfortable.)

I decided to channel Where's Waldo? today with my outfit. Then I changed my mind and decided to be Tippi Hedren from The Birds.
I hope you don't mind, but I sneaked in a picture of what I come home to everyday at noon. They're not always so jubilant, (and Rowena doesn't usually wear an apron) but I really really like them.
TGIF! I have fun plans tonight, which I'll share this weekend!

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