Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blazering Saddles

Boater: Forever 21
Western shirt: Goodwill
Velvet blazer: Gap
Tights: Marshall's
Shoes: c/o Blowfish
As you can see, I was so bouncy today! It must have been the combination of EBEW and the 30 for 30. Or perhaps the concoction of my boater hat, western shirt, and Prince-worthy velvet blazer were responsible. Either way, I bounded and leaped all day long.

Darin treated me to dinner at my favorite Mt. Angel restaurant tonight! While walking to the retaurant, I rescued a stray bulldog with a death wish and turned it into the police station. The poor old thing was meandering through the street and trying to get into people's cars. A policeman gently took the dog and put him in a holding cell until the owners were found. Ah, walking distance small-town everything, I love Mt. Angel. Maybe it's just the cosmo-with-dinner talking, but I can't see myself ever moving!
Blazer Challenge | Everybody,  Everywear
Who's excited for Fashion Week? ME is!

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