Friday, February 18, 2011

Campaign Derelicte

Beret: Forever 21
Sweater: Ross
Snood: Ebay
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Steven 'Melin'
Thank you all so much for your get-out-of-rut-free advice! I now have some great ammunition when the next rut strikes.... dun dun duuuuuunnn.

And now, without further ado, Louise's Ten-Step Rut Evacation Program:

1) Begin the morning with a hot soapy shower. It's been... days? Who knows?

2) Listen to tons of acoustic performances by Sarah Bareilles, Adele, and Ingrid Michaelson.

3) Dress like you are part of Mugatu's Derelicte Campaign. Add oxfords to make it ironic. Hansel, he's so hot right now.

4) Go to a "geriatric diner" for dinner. Monikered by Darin, not me!

5) At said restaurant, order breakfast for dinner.

6) Sneak away to Anthropologie for twenty minutes while husband and daughter visit Borders. Purchase lovely yet inexpensive L'Aromarine perfume because you can't afford Tocca fragrances right now.
7) Recognize and meet fellow Oregon fashion blogger Alicia! Yay! New friend!

8) Go to Trader Joe's and stock up on chicken broth and rice pasta. Add Gruyere cheese. Stir.

9) Get peed on by your 'potty-trained' two-year-old. Change her, then cuddle her until she falls asleep and you can't remember the astronimical tantrum of biblical proportions she threw earlier.

10) Jasmine tea.

Love to you!

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