Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ignore This

Hat: Forever 21
Turtleneck: Gap
Dress: Tucker for Target
Belt: thrifted
Tights: c/o We Love Colors in Mocha
Sandals: Target

Hi everyone! Sorry I am posting so late; I procrastinated posting this outfit because I didn't feel ME in it. I was uninspired. And yes, it's outfit 14 because I deem it to be. What, you don't remember 13? Neither do I.

How was your Valentine's Day? Darin and Rowena came to work and brought me beautiful potted flowers (which I prefer to vased-up specimens):Darin and I proceeded to wear fake teeth for a better part of the day:
And since men tend to get the shaft on Valentine's Day, I enforced Darin 's Freudian complex and made him his mother's cheesy potato casserole. I also bought tons of those 4 ounce ice creams with the built-in spoons for dessert!
After a nice day together, we made a huge mistake. We were going to watch Psycho, our go-to movie for Valentine's Day, but we decided to watch Rosemary's Baby instead. I'm going to pause so you can laugh a bit.


This is the worst film choice for a baby-wanting couple on supposedly the most romantic day of the year. I knew the premise of the movie, but I didn't realize how affected I would be! I just thought I'd like to admire Mia Farrow's charming clothes. Darin and I went to bed soon after, glanced at each other nervously, said a quick goodnight, and went to bed. I frequently checked on little Ro throughout the night and thanked God that Darin didn't let Satan brutally impregnate me to further his computer nerd career. I've been laughing all day today because of the weirdness of how the night ended. Next year, we are sticking with Hitchcock, no questions asked. Or Blue's Clues. That seems safe.

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