Friday, February 11, 2011

my Friend the Shoes

Cardigan, beret: Gap
Blouse: Some outlet store
Skirt: Old Navy
Olive socks: c/o We Love Colors
Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell 'Full'
The hardest part about this 30 for 30 is the limited shoes. I can't handle it! At night, I hear my metallic clogs weeping in the closet. My moccasin boots, on the other hand, angrily whisper the crudest profanities. Don't fret, little foot buddies! I'll be back soon.

I am not going to complain about having to wear these beauties. They are outrageously comfortable, and I got them from Need Supply for- wait for it-- $32. Peeptoes and oxfords are both big presences in my closet, so it's just natural that these would eventually find their way to me.

Off to watch "The Office" and avoid the sherbet Darin brought home!

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