Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All The Pretty Colors

Beret: Forever 21
Dress: vintage via ebay
Belt: thrifted
Socks: Sock Dreams
Clogs: Miz Mooz (birthday gift from inlaws)
Hi everybody! I couldn't post yesterday because we had a rain storm and the internet was down. We also have a radiation scare as a result of the terrible crisis in Japan, so things have been a little worrisome. I'm taking kelp pills and keeping an eye on syndicated news... my thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with the people of Japan!

I love this outfit... it was very Louise and I got a lot of 'those' looks at the market today. Success! Hee hee. The embroidery and bright colors brightened this cloudy day right up.

So... I am going to start treating my blog more like a business. Don't worry, you won't see tons of ads or tacky gifs. You will, however, see more features and organization to Coffee & a Cardigan. Oh, and no "Mommy Mondays," either. Coffee & a Cardigan is primarily a personal style blog and will continue to be so. I'd like to add some more music recordings, things I love, wishlists, and a shoe feature. (I can't ignore the shoes.) I want my blog to be a comfortable and warm place that you love to visit. I hope I succeed! Thanks for all your support!

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