Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scent of a Louise

A while back, I posted about some Nanette Lepore perfume I bought merely because of the adorable packaging. Lucky for me, it's a pretty scent, and a perfect everyday perfume for the warmer months. It's quite sweet and floral, with strong notes of rose, raspberries, and violets. At the first spray it's too acidic, but it warmed up after a few minutes on my skin. The one thing I don't like about this perfume is the teensiest undertone of baby powder. Not "Love's Baby Soft" powdery, but just enough for me to notice. (Speaking of that wretched perfume, I once sprayed an entire bottle of Love's in my middle-school's hallway for poops and giggles. Winning!)

If this strikes your fancy and you have $26 to burn, Amazon is selling the Nanette Lepore gift set with free shipping. I'll be reviewing some more smelly delights soon, as my quest for the perfect perfume has ended! (Miss Dior Cherie with Tocca Stella as a close second.)

What's your go-to perfume for spring and summer?

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