Friday, April 1, 2011

Times. They are a Changin.'

Hi everyone! I'm Louise's daughter, Rowena! (My name is pronounced 'Rowenna.' If you call me 'Roweeeeeena,' I will cut you.) I've decided to take over "Coffee & a Cardigan" and transform it into my very own baby fashion/foodie blog. I'm still decided on new names; it's between "Juicebox & a Jumper" or "Sexy Baby." The latter is winning.

As a member, (membership is only $12.95 a month!)
you can look forward to daily outfits:
Wardrobe remixes:Provocative bathing suit shots:
And new & inventive ways to wear your accessories.
I'll also be sharing my favorite recipes, including steamed broccoli.
Join the adventure!

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